Eibach Honda Meet Part 6

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Slowly nearing the end of my Eibach coverage, I think I have enough pictures for 2 more days worth & then its a wrap...

I've always admired Big Mikes prelude, It was on the cover of the first ever Honda Tuning Magazine I read, it was dark metallic Red, almost beetroot colour & I loved it. Recently featured in Banzai magazine over here its defiantly one of the most recongnisable Honda's of today.



bike 2

As you may be able to see the sun was directly above the car's whilst I was getting these images. Not a cloud in the sky. It was unbelievably hot. I'm not complaining though, I forgot to put suncream on the bottom side of my arm, the side that was facing the sun all day whilst I was taking pictures!! PURE burn!! never mind, the sun being their did make it a lot harder for me to get images that looked good of the whole car as it put a shadow over most of the wheels... Here is a drag spec CRX..


Loved this DC5. I have tried to enquire about this front bumper for mine but shipping is a huge issue, If anyone knows of me getting a BYS bumper from anywhere please, email me!!. Love the J's racing bonnet too, this was also far to expensive even by my standards for one part haha. but this car is sick. Pure bute!.


Line of Si's that have all been Type R Converted..


This black one on flat Grey RE30's regularly seen on other blogs looked awesome..


Carbon boot, J's racing wing....


Red Type R Converted 8th gen on Rays 57M

rays 57

TE37s... there was a white one on regas next to it but the pictures were to blurry


Genuine DB8 Type R... looked amazing..


SIR EG9 Looked awesome with the K Swapped & Colour combo..


Blue EG, CE28s, Spoon Calipers, K20 on Carbon ITB's...


S2000 on CCW..CCW have to be one of my favourite wheels for THAT look..Along with Rotiform...a lot more to come on Rotiform in the near future..


White coupe on TE37s.. Sat perfectly..

white coupe

Another white coupe sat next to it..

white coupe

Just trying to show how many people were at the show & catch some of the atmosphere..



I waited around to get an image of this coupe whilst the guys were applying a ITS JDM YO sticker to the screen, loved the colour..

coupe re30s

Laguna seca Blue Coupe.. I always find this colour hard to capture..


DC2 on mugens ...

mgeuns dc2

DC5 on Regas, looked fantastic in the peach colour that it was. Don't even know what to call it to be honest. I think these were s2000/nsx sized Regas...


Another Type R converted 8th Gen..

type rsiver

Ek with Mugen front lip, mag blue CE28s... looked beautiful


Bay of said EK..


This CRX as seen in Part 1.. was revving and was I was walking away it made some girl literally jump in the air from how loud it was!! I laughed..

crx drag

One of my favourite builds from the whole weekend, Metallic yellow EK Coupe on mugens, mugen wing & Yellow Recaro's...

Coupe yellow


This orange coupe was one I was really looking forward to seeing & it seemed everyone else has that same mindset. There was people around it like this ALL day, I did managed to get some images, I expect these to be in the next or final part of the coverage..


Accord on RPF1's....


Another powerful looking Accord...


Coupe, had a full build cataloged, was very interesting to have a read through...

ej coupe

I've read about this CRX and was glad I'd managed to snap it, the interior is all OEM from as it come from Japan but the K Swap and bay with Gold finishing looked awesome..


EF, not sure what wheels??


Acura 4x4... very cool to see as we dont have these in England..

acura 4x4

Low CRX..


DC2 looked awesome..


J's Racing TSX from Phaze 2...



Spanky Eg's latest project...


EG bbs

Clean EK on BBS's...



S2000 with Spoon front bumper..


Closing out today with Ryan from Ry-wire's nsx on Regas....


One again hope you have enjoyed the coverage... 2 more parts left...

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