Eibach Honda meet 2014 - Part 2

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Eibach Honda Meet 2014 Part 2 By 6TWO1 advert for coiloversGoing to get straight back into the coverage in part to starting off with this stunning captiva blue eg6civicjdmBang opposite my booth was this stunning milano red Dc2tsxThe Accord game is so strong over in the states. Parked up was this white TSX (Accord) with Spoon front bumper, Barramundi Design wheels, bride seats..accordNext to it was this one, dark gun metal grey, Work wheels, Spoon bumper..daAbsoultely stunning DA. Speachless...EkAnother build I would love to have seen it put together, beautiful wheels, Front end swap, KSwap, mugen spoiler...CPR CoupefitmentThis is my kind of fitment! Beautiful CPR's on this EM1RHD, the stickers stated it was a real EK-3, unsure if thats the truth but a cool looking car running the clear rears !EM1EMClean EM1 on Work Meister S1dc5Dc5 on BBS RSegBeautiful EG. Earlier in Part 1 i mentioned that I didn't know what Lip to go for, I went for a Spoon as per this car.Very cool EM1, looks really ready for the track. would love to see if this does any track timeSedanStunning sedan on Regas... Regas are my favourite wheel. They have that timeless image...PreludeAs shown here on this prelude with the Grey version....DC2Once again the Regamaster's executed perfectly. Issac's Blue DC2. I've known of him for a while through instagram so it was great to actually meet him and see his car.Dc2dc2rearissacNice to get a photo of the man behind the car!ek coupeStunning facelift EK CoupeEgAnother tidy EG. I need to get my bonnet re-done asap.Dc2DC2 on Mugen MF10s.EkLove this Yellow EK Coupe on CPR, great to meet the owner too!pinkbonnetReally cool idea, everyone signed the bonnet. So I got my name on it too!EkAnother photo of the Equip 03's on the EkEk coupeMore of Team NVUS - They seem like a very big, great car family.S2000NVUS S2000.Ek Coupecoupestunning Coupe, on TE37's Also has a STATUS Seat fitted!crxDel Sol on TE37sHasback1 Hasback 2One car I want to bring some attention to is this EK. It is the Hasback Ek owned by Mr Hasback himself.Now I dont normally get all deep and historical but here we go, everything has a beginning & lets go back to 2007. The first year I discovered Honda-tech & the Eibach Honda meet. I saw the "hasback" thread on the forum & I instantly knew this lifestyle was for me. This is the starting point for me with getting into the Honda scene and creating my own little friend groups, meets & What eventually lead onto me starting up my own blog to showcase this. Seeing this car in person was awesome. For me it was my favourite car I saw at the show as I honestly feel without the Hasback crew, I wouldn't have 6TWO1, which is now my business. How I make a living. Thank you Hasback. Thank you.MArverous tuneRed MT advert for coiloversWhite MTBonnetThe guys from Marvelous Tune have created this beautiful bonnet called BATTLECRAFT. I will be stocking these when they're ready, I Will also be using one on my EG. I cannot wait!All their cars are built for purpose. As I've grown older in this scene this is the sort of cars I like to look at. I just love how raw they are.Blue integraOne thing I love about California is the weather. Makes every pearl colour pop so you can see every single part of that colour. I love it on this DC2.DC5This DC5 looks unbelievable. LOVE the stance from the Advans, looks so agressive but not in a broken way. Looks as functional as it does badass. LOVE it.CPRLove this Coupe on CPR's. Great combo.2Ep's.The 2 EPs from Part1 side by side.NSXNSXOld & the New NA1 & NA2 NSX's, there was a great selection of NSX's on show at Eibach..NA1Unsure of what they are but I love the wheels on this nsx..NA1Another NA1.NA1Beautiful.S2000Rear of the badass S2000 from earlier...S2Number 2 of 3. This Group of S2000's really did stand out & to stand out at a show like Eibach really is a big deal.Numerb3Number 3 of 3. What an incredible set of cars. All using Status Racing seats... which we stock...I think im going to Close today's coverage out on the S2000s.Sorry for this delay on it. I am currently building a whole new 6TWO1 shop, but I have to reupload every single product I've got available to me. Not only that, but I have about 300 other things I'm doing right now! haha. Its great though I really hope you enjoyed the photos so far. Many more to come. advert for coilovers