Eibach Springs Honda Meet 2012. Part 1.

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I first signed onto Honda forums when I got my first car back in 2006, I was 17 & thought my EP2 was the single greatest thing in the world. Soon enough, searching for insipration I came across an image of the YEEEE Blue Civic owned by Christian Loza who now is one of the co-founders of American blog im sure you will have heard of called CANIBEAT. After discoving his car and falling head over heels in love with it, I searched deeper into the "USDM" Scene and instantly came across pictures & Videos from Eibach Springs meet. It blew me away, the quality, the parts & what seemed like an incredible atmosphere in every picture I saw. I was hooked. I said to myself that one day I would attend Eibach. I would fly half of the world, to look at Hondas. 5 years later, that day come.

This whole week was booked with one thing in mind & that was to get to the now relocated Eibach springs Honda meet. Now held at Irwindale Speedway, instead of the Eibach building which it has now outgrown. This trip has been so much more than that for me. I visited the infamous Rywire and whilst I was there managed to also head over to Ballade Sport. I also have a trip planned for tomorrow, my day of departure for one more Car related visit but I will make sure I have visited & have the images to prove before posting what I may be doing. This whole week was all for one day & It turned into so much more than that for me. I cannot than Ryan & David (DPK David) enough for their hospitality on Thursday and Today (the day of Eibach), making me feel more welcome than I could have hoped for & Introducing me to some people who I hope to continue contact with & hope to have some work with in the future. Also I met someone who is my inspiration, the guy that is basically the reason 6TWO1 exists, Joey Lee of Stickydiljoe.com.

After seeing the Eibach images, I got introduced to his blog which is near as it can be completely Honda dedicated, he posts cars that he features for either magazines or directly for his site which is also known as The Chronicles. I saw this and wanted to produce something for the UK, we have no one doing this to a standard that I was happy with, I know im not the greatest photographer or am I any good at English, nor do I ever claim to be, in fact normally im the complete opposite, I'll normally ask for your help on what the fuck my camera does. I'm simply trying to bring stuff to you that I like, and Joey's website gave me the inspiration to do so. It just so happens that as things have progressed in my life, I am now writing for Magazines (All be it freelance, but its what I am happy with) & I have had stuff along side Joey in printed publications. I cannot express how excited I was when I knew shoots & write ups that I have done was going to be along side his, its so fanboy I know & I probably came across shy today when meeting all these guys but how nice they were to me makes me want to come back again next year for certain, hopefully for longer, I'd quite like to have a couple more days doing more car related things & hopefully arrange some full photoshoots of certain cars, but we will have to see what money allows.

Enough of the Rambling, I know you want to see some pictures of the meet. I, like always will be breaking these down into parts. I took over 500 pictures today & it would have been double that if my second memory card hadn't malfunctioned, so we have some fairly basic images as my second card was reserved for the faggy tumblr-esk art images that all the 13 year old kids love to share and claim are their own. I will be posting in batches once they're edited. I will aim for 30 ish images per post as not all will make the cut as like I've tried to explain in every post I've ever made its very hit and hope sometimes haha. Honestly though I'm fairly happy so far with the images. So I have no idea how many posts this will consist of but enough to do the meet justice.

I spoke with Ryan who advised me to head down as soon as I'd gotten off the phone with him, my Dad had accompanied me on this trip because we have family over here & he's always been a fan of Honda's as we've had one in the family since I was born & I'm 22 now, so they're pretty well implemented into our family so it was a cool treat for him to see what the Americans have to offer also.

We arrived at Irwindale at about 9:15. The meet set to begin at 11am, and we were hit with a que & the car park was half full before we even got in. The turn out was unbelievable. I am sure there were more modified Honda's in that car park today than there is in the whole of England. It was a real treat for me.

As we were waiting, this orange coupe rolled in, I've obviously seen this car in its Honda Tuning features & images from other meets & shoots it has been a part of, I shot this through the front windscreen of our Escalade hire car so it has a weird but kinda cool green tint to it...

Orange civic

After we parked, we started to walk to where the main part of the meet was, the Whitfield CRX Drag car was rolling in at the same time..

crx drag

Clean silver EK hatch on sprint harts...

EK hatch silver

We don't have Acura's back in the UK so we know this as an Accord but it looked awesome rolling in, I don't know what wheels it had on it as honestly i was in a state of euphoria walking into the show seeing all of these Honda's all over the place but I can see it has Mugen wind deflectors..


Facelift RSX on CCW's waiting to get into the meet..

rsx ccw

another shot of the line..


Once we had met DPK David on the gate and said our hello's we headed into the actual meet area, It was so big I couldn't believe my luck. I decided to walk to the furthest corner & start shooting from there, en route to that corner, this DC5 struck me and I WISH I could get fitment like this on my Type R. The RSX has a lower offset set up so they can get wider wheels to fit like this but on these Enkei NT03's it has incredible presence.

dc5 enkei

I also had to snap early this EP3. Its fitment looked great on the BBS Rs's. I need to advise my friend back home Simon Fryer to never ever come to this meet or he may have a mangasm in his pants, guy loves it if a pair of shoes fits exactly so seeing some of the cars in the flesh may damage him.

Ep3 bbs

Red Coupe on Mugen MF10's & a tucked bay all repainted with graffiti..

Red coupe

It has obviously had a Swap too but I forgot to check the block & I cannot tell from the look itself, I know someone will be able to tell me straight away so please do & I'll adjust this!

red coupe bay

Like all meets, they have their share of clean cars on cheaper/replica/fake wheels, I've tried to incorporate images of all of them, whether we like it or not, they are here to stay & I am trying to show everyone the full range at the meet.


4 Door DA on Rotas...


The DA is not a common car in England, but out here they are very popular. This colour appeared a few times through out the day so I'm not sure if it is a respray which people have chosen or its a factory colour, but whatever it is, this DA on SSR EX-C Neo wheels was beautiful. *Have since been told the colour is Jasper Green & the paint on this car is fully original!

da RH

Another DA this time on Mugen M7 wheels with Spoon brakes..

DA on mugens

wheels brakes

Another DA this time on a set of Mugen MR5's

Mugen da

mugen mr5

Powerhouse Amuse Kitted S2000 with perfectly fitted Volk CE28s


I'm a huge fan of Eg Civics. I also love the colour Yellow. I also like 949 Racing wheels. This car pleased me.


Parked next to a DC5..

dc5 eg6

White Eg on Pink BBS's ...


Silver EK Hatch on Gabsport wheels..


This S2000 had serious slick tyres on its RE30s. I cannot image it was road legal but it looked super Racecar.

s2k race

"stancewheels" had a little booth with this civic coupe out front. I'm giving them a mention not because I like their products as to be honest I didnt take much notice, but because the 2 girls they had walking around were both gorgeous, to the point I did that creep move and had a picture with them both haha. People on my facebook loved it, dont try to add me on facebook unless we've met though please. I don't accept friend requests unless we've crossed path's. Pictures of said girls will come in due time my friends....

Coupe stanced

The amount of booths at Eibach was brilliant too, many different companies offering their products, services, magazines, t-shirts, stickers etc... looks like this guy in the image is having a staring contest with the K Swapped Eg


Couple of shots of the Eibach K24 CRZ...



When I was taking this image, a guy next to me said "I Cant believe this is a Hybrid motor!" sigh...


Closing today with this shot of a sick S2000. I only have other images of this I think from my handheld camera as like I said my Card malfunctioned & it currently headed for the window....


I hope you've all enjoyed Part 1. Will try have Part 2 ready for tomorrow before I board my flight back to jolly ol' england...

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