Eibach Springs Honda Meet Part 2.

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Thank you to everyone that is sharing my blog, Yesterday the first installment of the Eibach stuff broke my daily hit record by over a third. Seeing that hit counter as high as it was I nearly fell off the chair as im sat here in the airport waiting to go home.


I mentioned in Part 1 that today I had one final thing to do but I wasn't going to say what it was until I'd got the pictures to prove. Well, I've got them. I visited the Rotiform HQ. So I am excited to be able to bring you one more LA installment in the form of the wheel manufacture & their products and primacies!  I plan on keeping the huge intro to a minimum as you had to sit through my rambleing yesterday. So here is Part 2.....

We start with ALLINFABRICATION's EP3, resprayed in the Honda midori green on polished (or chrome dipped? not sure..) SE37 Volks...

EP3 Midorii

Teal EJ Coupe on Enkei 92's.. Joey explained to me why these were so popular & that is when Enkei re-released these this year, they are low cost due to being manufactured by Rota wheels. So even though they come with a Enkei badge they are actually produced in the Rota factories, hence them being everywhere at the show. Still, the wheels looked really cool & in this case on the coupe below are the originals, which are defined by the step up lip. (I have only just learnt this since the owner posted a comment!)

EJ Coupe enkei

Another shot of the Yellow EG from Part 1..

Yellow EG

I can only assume these guys call themselves outlawz by it being massive on their screen, my dad called them a gang haha, made me laugh anyway. Blue DC2 with additional bike rack and 2 bmx's. What the internet perceives as USDM in one image..


Black DC2 ..

black dc2

This white coupe was parked along side them, im not sure what wheels it is on..

white coupe

Facelift DC5 on Wedsport wheels, Mugen spoiler, Bride seats & takata harness. looked ready for the track..

DC5 black

Happy S2000, Mugen body kit is one we dont see as often as the Spoon kit, this car is sat on CE28s, can see through the screen it also has bride seats..

S2000 mugen

I've already mentioned The Powerhouse Amuse S2000 in part one, but the Amuse Bodykit for the S2000 is one of the most violent looking kits on the Market. I'd like to think that if I had an S2000 it would look something along these lines...


You always want what you can't have and the 8th gen Civic in the USA is such a beautiful looking car. Coupe form as seen below looks fantastic however they wish to modify it, this one is sat on weds professor mesh wheels *as I've been informed....

8th gen bbs

Another shot..

8thgen bbs

Have been informed by the Owner that the front bumper of the S2000 below is made by ASM . The RPF1's resprayed along with the cage in luminous Yellow really did jump out due to the colour choice...


Low DC2 which was rocking an English rear plate, which was quite funny to see as in England its one of the things that everyone tends to swap out at shows for American or Japanese ones..I believe the wheels are Konig but correct me if im wrong..

DC2 uk plate

5 Door 8th Gen Civic on Black Ridl'x Split rims..

5door 8gen

A lot of the 8th Gen Civics had parked up together, reason like most of the models up the back line had done..

8th gen

He loved boobies..

tell theworld

Another shot of this black 8th Gen..

8th gen

Few more DA's..


This Orange 8th Gen was sat nicely on SSR wheels, with a supercharger under the bonnet, the intake chamber had a Skull on it, I have been informed that this is a custom intake made by ASC Speed metal shop based down in San Diego, Ca. Stupidly I should have realised as Ryan was telling me about them whilst I was with him at his shop RYWIRE on the Thursday... it looked pretty cool..

Orange civic front

8th engine


I quite liked this EG. Seeing these bonnets with designs under them was fairly common on a few of the cars at the show, this one that was screaming look at me, now I understand being proud of building a car from the ground up, but what happens if you want to sell it? should no one buy it becasue they haven't built it from the ground up? Not fully sure on my opinion of the "built not bought" argument as I've been on both sides of the fence...


I believe 1up Garage was being represented by it..


I really like this next image. As I was kneeling down to get a picture of the EG they are looking at, the girl, who I'll assume is his girlfriend said "so what does that mean?" about one part of the engine, the boyfriend then was pointing at something explaining what it was and what it did. Kinda cool I thought, instead of the usual moody bitch syndrome girls who have not much interest in cars normally get into this girl actually was (at least pretending) to give a slight shit. Not to mention, the civic on TE37s looked great too, but, I think because I was trying to get a picture of these two actually enjoying each others company at the event I forgot to take a picture of the civic lol..

Eg volk gf bf

Another shot of the black 5door civic but this time of it rolling, as it rolled passed I noticed how bad the back corner was on it, im sure its purely down to being so low. Good to see that even over the other side of the world people would rather have stance than clean body work...... *Sarcasm

8th gen civic

Finishing off today with this Accord which you dont see many of fullstop in england let alone modified, very nice on the re-barrelled Mugen M7s...

mugen accord

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