Endless Horizon @ Ace Cafe

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Endless Horizon have established themselves to everyone in the UK Honda Scene as some of the finest Honda specialist's in the game that we are all playing.

Not only do they know how to build a car to exceptional standards, but they know how to host a meet to showcase their work & get the Endless Horizon brand out to the masses!

On Saturday the 9th of July, Endless Horizon took over the Infamous Ace Cafe in London for a night of Honda's, Girls & up and coming London DJ's & producers.

Peck, Harv & I Arrived in my DC5 at about 5pm, the meet was set to start at 6pm and I thought I'd try & beat the majority of people to Ace so I could chill out for a bit. Well, I'd managed to beat everyone.

We arrived first, giving me a fairly good spot in front of the cafe to be honest, right at the entrance so people would have to walk past it to go get food on most occasions, but to be honest I didn't really care where they put me haha. Just happy to be a part of the evening!

Luckily, I wasn't the only early bird, Benny & His crew rolled in about 25 minutes after me.

bennys crx


By 7PM the meet was well underway.

dean entering



The Meet showcased exactly what Endless can do on a variety of the modifying scale, from car's ready for the track, to stanced & clean. Giving something for everyone. Even ricers.



One of the Endless Horizon specialties is defiantly bay tucks. They're nothing short of amazing.

Bay jordan

Bay rix

Purple EF

Dav (One of Endless's very own & Also the organiser of the meet & Owner of the yellow jordan I have taken about 700 pictures of at this meet) Had also arranged for some models to be doing some Promo.

girls group shot

I somehow managed to get given Farina West for a few minutes to get a couple of pictures of, but unfortunately by this time the light had fadded & I was just asking her to literally stand as still as physically possibly while I tried to get a picture that was in focus. Hopefully she will come down to another Honda meet & I will get some pictures in the day light, or I will learn to use my flash so if this moment arises again I wont feel like the Guy's on that lynx advert hahahaha!


Due to my lack of good images of the stunning Farina here's some more of Dav's Jordan, I'm sure a few of the readers will still be satisfied, so who am I to judge;

Davs j

Davs j

Davs j

Now I have to talk about Ricky's coupe for a minute


Not only is it one of my favourite car's in the Honda scene but his attention to detail is crazy. THESE ARE HIS FUNCTION 7 LCA'S!


Incredible. We are planning on doing a little something together soon for you readers who like black Honda's & regas soon. So keep your eyes open

white eg

Remedi's CRX

Rude Kid was awesome on the decks aswell, his beats gave the meet an ultra chill vibe (you can check out rudekid Here : Rude Kid on Itunes & follow him on twitter @rudekidmusic )


This meet for me, was the Honda meet of the year.


The Turn out was smaller than South Mimm's part 1, but the atmosphere was amazing. So laid back, such an enjoyable evening & I am very much looking forward to the next Ace Cafe Honda evening hosted by Honda Culture on the 6th of August. See you there :)

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