Feel good video to kick off 2011

Post by adminsdd 06/01/2011 0 Comment Just Chattin,
How about a feel good Snowboarding movie to kick off 2011?That video is from these guys check out their website (click the picture)! pic I'm getting a good vibe from 2011. a real good vibe. Look's like there are some real awesome show's poping up over the UK, one that really stands out is Hellaflush UK! and its only an hour away from me, which is awesome, looking forward to being @ a Hellaflush run event! Honda Culture & Endless Horizon Taking over Ace Cafe & South Mimms, car parks full of Honda's! cannot wait!Snowboarding in Mayrhofen, Austria with some of my friends in less than a month!April is taking me to Snowbombing once again in Mayrhofen ! Will be amazing if you have seen the line up!I've also got some plans for this year, but due to other work commitments i may not be able to get them up and running till 2012. But whatever, im going to try my best!I NEED Feature cars btw, please if anyone has one and reads this site occasionally i dont mind traveling a lil way just at the minute i dont want to go to far, so anyone within an Hour of Colchester drop me an email at Aji621@mac.commuch love !