Flack's Lupo.

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It's good when your taking photo's of one of your best mates cars. The Atmosphere's relaxed and you get to mess around on site & when you do mess around, everyone laughs about it, and you know there wont be any whingy bitches crying about seeing a bumbumFlack's lupo has been through, what id say was a complete overhaul recently. But you'd call a complete respray, Full sound system, and A New interior an overhaul to right?The respray looks awesome, its the shiniest lupo going. full respray in the OEM black colour (not sure which, im not a dub kid so i'm not to clued up on that..) Its pretty much spot on as you can tell from the pictures, it looks as if its just rolled out of the showroomLupoThe interior has been finished in a Deep deeeeep red, with the Cross stiched diamonds in, it look's so awesome it really does, its comfortable, but the Golf GTi Recaro's that have been re-trimmed leave little space in the back for even the smallest of human's haha.interiorSubsFrom hearing what flack is saying, he maybe selling it soon, i think he's a bit undecided but for any potential buyers i would go as far to say you wont find a Minter Gti at the minute that will be up for sale.backlupo