Foodstrip meet NL.

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Every Friday evening on the Amsterdam foodstrip, some of the modified car enthusiasts meet up down their to endulge in greesy food and talk about their cars, the future plans of the cars and the up coming shows. In this weekends case it was JAF. The Efella & Honda Union guys were out in force, with nearly every person walking around wearing Efella clothing, whilst having Efella stickers on their cars.Laurenz & I turned up and instantly hid his car and got our asses into KFC. Once again we hadn't really eaten all day due to being at Rising Sun Performance with Dimmer working on his NSX.Once we had finished eating our KFC, which may I just point out their coleslaw sucks. We parked up with the rest of the Honda guys and went on with our evening.As with all car meets, you always get bad eggs. Some dickhead in his VW Golf was just sat revving constantly, doing burnouts like a hero. Honestly, his car didnt even look that bad but he was just being a bellend. I've been uncomfortable at meets with this have a go hero's at because at a previous meet a few years ago a BMW was drifting and missed my Orange Civic by a few inches.I don't have many pictures from the evening, I spent more time organising the rest of my weekend with Efella & the Honda Union guys.Below are the few usable picture's I got, we just arrived to late & I couldnt be bothered to mess around to much with my Camera to be honest.

B18 Civic coupe, have more images of this that I will post with the Efella Track photoshoot. coupe

1.4 EP on replica SSR wheels.

front ep


B-Series Civic Shuttle


Peugeot 107 on BBS's, I cant remember if these were real or fake..


Some of the Honda Union guys parked up


Efella/Team Hazardous Euro chapters Civic Sedan. He is currently building his new wheels. Looking forward to seeing it when they will be on....


That is that done.. I have Part 1 of the JAF coverage to upload Monday morning. Make sure to check back for that, as that coverage is a lot more in depth than this lol.

Thanks for checking the updates again, I hope you have enjoyed them..

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