Forum Youngblood Chillidog 154

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I thought I'd do a brief run down how I have found using the Forum Youngblood board over my snowboard trips this season. I found when looking for my first board hard to decide as I could not find enough information about them & how they ACTUALLY ride without all the technical jibber jabber that you really have to be an american boarder who's ridden forever to understand.youngbloodBasically my prevous Snowboarding experience was an 8 Hour Lesson course at Milton Keynes & a Week away riding in Norway which I was riding a Burton board. I'd tripped it up to Milton Keynes a few times in between to keep my confidence up on the board & to learn a few new techniques.Come February 2011 & I had booked up 2 trips, both to Mayrhofen in Austria, first an all out snowboarding trip with 3 of my friends. Second, for Snowbombing, which I had assumed would have been a week of partying (which it was) with a small amount of boarding in between (Which it wasn't, it was a WHOLE lot of boarding).I chose to dive into my pockets & actually buy my own gear after having a chat about it with Sam Pilgrim, we had done some boarding together in Colchester when the snow had taken over for a week and I was riding some sack of hump Salomon board I'd bought for pennies off a lad on Facebook, it was old, Slow & didn't have any flex, Pilg basically said why dont you stop being cheap and just buy some of your own stuff so you will feel good about riding it. So I did, some research later I had my hopes set upon a Forum Youngblood Chillidog in the 154, I am a guy though that gets suckered into a brand, if they look after me I like to buy from them again and again, I also like things that match, so I wanted the Forum Faction bindings."The Life Story part"Now as a complete novice, I knew some of the basic information about the board, I knew it was going to have a lot of FLEX (basic term- how bendy it is) Which is what i wanted, i wanted to be able to move fairly freely on it, I also knew it was a fairly popular park board, which I was also cool with, as I progressively want to learn park riding too.I really wanted to make sure I was buying the correct board for myself, as they are NOT cheap, I went into every local board store around here trying to find this board, but none had it in stock & could not get any more in stock. After every sales person in these stores trying to sell me somthing that i didnt want i opted to the phones, rang EVERY link on Google I could, none had it in Stock, I'd basically given up. Then my ginger friend found a Shop called "Sputnik" or something along those lines, so I thought id give them the last try & I couldn't actually believe it when they said they had it, so paid & Awaited delivery. I also managed to get the last set of the exact bindings i wanted from Edge riders in Ipswich (Great local store if anyone wants anything in S/E area)THE BOARD REVIEW:First off, I loved how much flex the board has, It really allows you to throw it about, catching at edge is made a lot more avoidable by the shape of the board itself (even though that first week I did slam hard a few times-No pain no gain!)If you are what I call a flatouthero someone with very little care in the world apart from getting to the bottom of the slope as fast as physically possible, this board is not for you. It doesn't handle speeds amazingly well, just feels like you don't have too much control when going silly quick.But if you ride like me and just love hitting natural jumps, 180's. Really just playing around & having a lot of fun doing it, I guarantee you will love this board. I know the 2 week's I spent on it this week is making me want to get back on it now! As I type this it is making my legs move and im getting restless about not boarding for nearly a month already, but I have loved this board & I cannot wait to bust it out again!!mine