Fresh New Start- Dc5 Type R

Post by adminsdd 25/09/2010 0 Comment My Car Build,
So today, i got to go pick up my DC5. I cannot express how happy i am with it. The overall condition isnt perfect but its a nearly 7 year old car, and for that i cannot complain! will be a little while till it is minty fresh but it will be in the end ! :)Here are some pictures.DC5Dc5It's black with the black recaro's. Im glad i ended up with this combo as initially i wanted red on red, but this one come up locally and at a dealer so I went just for a test drive and ended up buying it.General tidy up is first, and a GOOD set of tyres!! the ones on a the minute i think are made by an afgani 10 year old or somthing they are diabolical. but they will be gone asap with some Eagle F1's maybe or somthing else good (Any advise is wanted!! new to this sorta car!)But I love it, today's been so much fun.