Full on Ferry 2009 & Amsterdam (NL)

Post by adminsdd 21/10/2009 0 Comment Trip's Away From home,
Sooooo a while back, 3 of my friends & I decided we were going to hit up Holland for the first time. I didnt take my 450D as i didnt want it to get broken, so just rocked a Small cannon Camera for it.My friend Pete is a huge fan of the DJ Ferry Corsten and once a year he hold's a Massive indoor even of just him and his friends playing there Trance music (which i personally find boring but whatever lol) So we woke up very early one saturday morning (17-10-09) and Got in my mums Crv which i had swapped the insurance over from my civic too for the weekend and started our mini road Trip down to Rotterdam for FULL ON FERRY 09!We rocked up to harwich Port to get the boat over, which we did successfully. and went up to passenger deck and relaxed for a bit. Me and pete got bored while the other two slept so we Decided to go on a mini mission and wander around the ship lol.Here we were on the way: nullWe found a secret platform (Not really secret, but no one was on it, so we claimed it in the name of essex)nullOnce we found land, we decided to go straight to the hotel, at this point, i was feeling tired, i was driving on the wrong side of the road with a wrong hand drive car for the country, Took some time to get used to lol. but i was sound with it.We got to the hotel, i crashed out. then struggled to drag myself down to the AHOY! Centre to See what all this fuss pete had made was about.. Once inside, i started to really enjoy it. Even though i am not into that music it was still very good night out!nullPat, me And scott inside the centrenullNext day, we all got ready to shift down to amsterdam!!ahhh the excitement kicked in! This was the bit i was looking forward too!We saw a this: MAD CAMBER y0! nullThen once i saw this:null i was excited!Then, we drove around for about 2 hours trying to find a dumpy hotel that didnt exist anymore, so we found another. which cost 45Euros for parking!! (RAPE!!) but Hotel was only 35 Each so couldnt complain.We wandered into town to get some food etc Quick pic of the lads:Pete, Scott & Pat nullScott decided he would rather bike:nullWe had the WORST KFC Ever for dinner. so after we wandered down into the Famous Red Light District!!nullWhat an EPIC Place! Seriously. We hit up banana bar. i cannot explain what i saw. but jesus i wana go back !! haha.Really was an Awesome weekend.And i cant wait to go back to amsterdam!! :D