Gregs EK9 Project SPOON SPORTS

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advert for coiloversQuite a bizaree story you're about to read. One that emphasises why I love this hobby I have, the people I meet & the random times that we can cross paths!.The story starts a few days before my track day. Greg messaged the 6TWO1 facebook page saying he wanted to come down & pick up a few parts for his EK9 on Thursday, now this was the thursday I had booked snetterton for & couldnt cancel so I said either come on the Friday or I can help out over the phone with whatever he needed, a reply saying he may come hang out at the track on that Thursday as he had that day off work as well as Friday was very welcomed as I always love looking around peoples cars and getting to know the owners!Come Thursday, I'm out on my first batch of laps and come back in to get a drink as I felt dehydrated, as I pull in my 2 friends come over with a new face ! Greg had arrived in his EK9 and intended to stick around all day! He asked if it was ok to place an order today, so if parts he wanted wern't in stock at the shop I could get them in. Of course I could do this! so he wrote out his order & it was huge! I was stocked, some of the parts I could only dream of owning myself so we got the order placed with Spoon & I was so excited, not just to see the parts but to see the look on his face as they arrived!First thing I did on the Friday I got the few bits I had in stock from his order which consisted of the Braided HT leads, Oil cap & Spoon N1 exhaust, the following was also purchased from in store upon his arrival, duracon gear knob, magnetic bolt set & radiator cap. I threw in a couple of 6TWO1 T's with the order !spoon pic spoonGreg arrived super early and super keen for his parts, he wanted to fit certain parts at the store which was a first for me haha! pretty cool to see, he was selling the old intake, known for heat soak off to Ed & he was refitting his OEM Air box with the addition of the spoon components he ordered.frontSpoon socks already on his 9...9The Courier arrived and I was so jealous! I wish this was all for me!spark plugsGreg & I filmed some videos of unboxing which you'll get to see soon! Here's a couple of shots of just some of the parts....Strut braces ..Duracon Gear knob...gearknobBaffled Oil pan..baffledOutside he started fitting his Carbon Kevlar Air intake chamber... advert for coiloversSome parts loaded up..bootSpoon Air filter...spoon filterKevlar air chamberchamberFitted upfilterawait the change from this soon..Spoon Sporst Spark plugs fitting..SpoonAnd boom! the change! Carbon Plug Cover, Oil Cap, Strut brace & Yellow Cam cover .... All BRAND new from us here from Spoon!SPoonSpoon N1 fitted up, fitment is perfect as you'd come to expect from Spoon Sports...SpoonThis project is only just getting started & we are so proud to be the ones supplying the parts for it!!If you want to get a blog post like this, place an order through 6TWO1 and send us the pictures when fitted, make sure they're detailed with a nice write up!Tune back in soon for even more on Gregs EK9!!Adam. advert for coilovers