GTi Spring Fest 2010

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So following on from Maitland’s Shoot, this is the show I crashed at his to be able to attend, a few people come up from my way, but me and 5AM Starts just don’t really go hand in hand.My first task of the day, consisted of getting Maitland out of bed, I went into his room but the lazy gobshite wouldn’t get up, I think he was still drunk from the night before to be honest ! haha finally I got into his tiny brain that we had to be at a show in 30 Minutes he was up, showered and then realised he was to hungover to drive. So he chucked me the keys (Insurance covered me on other cars) and off we went to the ever awfully organised Santa Pod RaceWay.On Arrival, we were greeted by following a few Corrado's in, and being followed by an ABT Transporter which looked really cool rolling. At the entrance, the always present huge que to just park your car up greeted us. Now I don’t mean to bitch but I really REALLY wish Santa Pod would sort this shit out!!!! EVERY Show it takes us about 1 Hour to get from the front gates to the show parking and it is just PATHETIC! But, Today I was Dubbin' So I let it slide.Just before we got to show & shine Maitland wanted to swap seats so he was driving it in, which I could understand as it is all his money he's spent on the car making it what it is, I was kind of just sat there looking pretty as ever haha.We parked up, I almost made myself useful by kind of cleaning his car a little bit, but I get distracted quite easily and seeing a few friends from home I will admit I was pretty rubbish, So, I am sorry for that Maitland.So to the show.What did I think of it?It was ok.Some of the Cars were absolutely amazing. But that is what I’ve just come to expect from a VAG show.The Judging...................................... Predictable ? Honestly If Janet’s Mk4 Wins every show it goes to this year I wont be surprised. Il be disappointed though. Yeah the car is a masterpiece! BUT, I honestly think the workman ship that has gone into some of the other cars, are more than deserving. The cars in Question:The car that WON Car of the show: Janets mk4The Car if I was a judge would have won: mk2 gtiNow I’m not sure why the Mk4 wins all the show's. I had a good look around it, and underneath the shiny bits in the engine, it is a MESS, it looks like Lime scale ! seriously I love the car, The stance is crazy, the Interior is Beautiful. But so is the Mk2's! And the MK2's Engine bay is the Single most stunning Engine bay I have ever seen, CARBON FIBRE DRIVE SHAFTS, FUEL NECK AND FUEL TANK!!!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I just feel if you are going to take home the award for car of the show at every show it should be 100% mint.Also the Top 20 Left some Questions but hey, that’s why I’m not a judge, as id have given it to the top 20 Cars of the show.I didnt get to see any of the Strip action because to be honest that sort of thing bores me a bit, I like seeing a quick car but if it cant go round a corner I'm not that fussed by it. I guess that's just the Honda routes in me.Anyway, the show was pretty good, the weather was....not wet. but the wind was freezing as per usual at Santa pod. The organistion was pretty shite. I’m not going to lie I wish I ran a show like that, the Show and shine awards was a shamble and So was the parking! But I had a good day out. Its defiantly worth a Look in Next year.Here a few of the pictures, the rest I will be uploading later!naths roccoryans polowideStole the showAmazingNaths rocco frontSickSlammmmed mk4phat seatBoom tingLouis's mk4naths mk1mk1PassatPassatS3Red Mk3 Mk2 GtiJanets mk4equip 03yellow s3JettaPassatred s3Black s3mk3 bronzePolomk3 Black s3White s3white corradoTop 20!wills frontRear mk5mk1Red Jettanaths rearAll larger pics can be found here // all GuysThank you.. The end