HDAY 2015 // Saturday

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I wanted to get started on this post before it becomes old news like some of my unseen Japan coverage. I wanted to get it out also before the HDAY Video goes live on my youtube in a few weeks.signI want to try and get this post across to you how much of an important event this has become to me. Every so often I need that kick up the backside to reignite the spark inside me that keeps pushing me forward & HDAY is the event for me that really does that every year without fail.HDAYI flew over and had a couple of rest days in Florida before I flew up to Newark airport and headed towards HDAY, which must now be the biggest event on the Honda show calendar annually. To me, its the best show there is. It has it all, incredible show cars, super fast drag cars, friendly crowd and an amazing atmosphere created by the main stage which is almost becoming a mini festival within a car show. It truly is awesome.S2000S2000 on Enkei RPF1's started off the day for me. A timeless combination.DC2 whisterDC2DC2 Engine bay WWThis stunning blue Turbo DC2 laid host to an incredibly clean engine bay and looked great on the Whistler Wheels.Another S2000 on the RPF1 but with a different size set up demonstrating my point.EF Hatch EF Hatch with a creative bonnet showing off the B Series engine & coated in downstar parts.EF SEDAN ENGINE BAY The Engine bay of an EF sedan was gorgeous, I didnt manage a usable photo of the exterior.DC5 White DC5 engine bayThis DC5 looked great on the aggressively sized Work Emotions, matched with the clean engine bay with the Downstar spikes !Civic 3.2Civic Coupe with a 3.2L J Swap...Johns DC5My friend John's gorgeous DC5.RAVSPEC NSXRAVSPEC had on their stand a Turbo NSX.HDAY OWNER NSXThis NSX is owned by Javier, who is the operator of HDAYWide S2000S2000 WideWide Body S2000 looked pretty crazyEG CRXN600From what I know, the above cars including the EG above are all also owned by Javier. Work hard & play harder!EP3EP3Amazing Vivid Blue Ep3 on show, I've got more photos of this from the event I'm releasing at a later date.RHDKEVThis stunning RHD Pheonix Yellow DC2 fitted with Top1 Motors front winglets, side skirts & rear diffuser looked amazing! - Top1 is available through us here, sale now on! S2000 front REDEngine S2000 S2000 downstarDOWNWTRThe S2000 had the Downstar S2000 valve cover kit fitted, looked amazingREARThis S2000 sat great on the CCW's, its engine bay was my favourite part. It really did look amazing !Red S2000 Gold wheelsRed GOLDGold BBS's looking incredible in the New Jersey sun!Marty Albert JR EGMarty Albert JR EG RearMARTY JR ENGINEMarty Albert jr. EG looked nothing short of absolutely amazing, I have once again gotten a group of photos of this from the event to show you at a later date but you can see his Supercharged K20 which puts down over 450bhp at 7500rpm looks as badass as it drives!!Orange This is another Marty Alberts car, but this time Jr's Father! His 500+ BHP EK is insane!! I once again have some great images of this in more detail to show you at a slightly later time, I don't want to spoil it by them getting lost inside this large show post.Bobbys EKBobby Engine bay Bobby's Midori green boosted B series EK was on show at Franks downstar booth and what a car! Drew the crowds in all weekend, I also did a shoot of this car on the Sunday so we will come back to this at a later date.Mirodi TSXI must have a thing for Midori Green as this Acura TL captured my heart over the weekend too. AcuraCleaning up her rims before the show really kicked into gear!Super Low S2000Super slammed S2000..S2000 RedRed S2000 with a meaty tyre set up, looking ready to go on track!HGAME LIVE Acura MDX from the H-Game live DJ Charlie !Accord tourerCool to see a nice Accord Tourer from Japan! I honestly didnt even know Japan got these but it had import stickers on. So I assume they do.Nie SiReally nice Si.SedanYellow EK Sedan..FrontMinty EP3Minty EP3 looking great in the NJ Sun, engine bay covered with downstar once again looking on point! ...GreenLoved the Combo of the Green on the white BBS.K20 SwapK20 Swapped 4 Door IntegraCRZCRz on a One off K Sport air ride kit.DC5Dc5 on Work wheels looked greatNSXSedanDC2BayBlue DC2 with a stunning engine bay, finished with Downstar spikes & Hardware!Yellow S2k Yellow S2000 on SSR wheels looks fantasticworkingMag Blue CE28sHyper Blue CE28s X Spoon Calipers looked like the perfect pairing!Red Em1Red EM1 on the polished Regmasters Brites..Front of red Dc2Red DC2Engine Huge turbo to power this stunning Red Dc2 on Black CCW'sCRV midori This Midori Green CR-V will also be getting a more in depth look at how awesome it is. I loved it!!Mugen Si CoupeThis Mugen themed, Carbon Si was outstanding.RHD Blue CRVCRV engineThe Blue CRV was Right Hand drive! its so cool to see a RHD Crv over in the states!Prelude PreludeAnother car that caught my attention was this stunning White Predlue on White CE28's, once again more on this later.White TLMugen SiOrange TlOrange TlOrange TLWhat a Gorgeous car this Orange Acura TL is, the colour exploded in the sunshine & it sat so great on its wheels.SI Si on Regamaster Marquis PromodaAccordAcuraInsane Odyssey !Jerry EgMy friend Jerry's stunning EG he has owned since BRAND NEW!! now Rocking a set of Type R wheels.Civic coupeCan't say I recommend putting a big glass bottle in your engine bay but it does look cool.Creative Awesome universe theme'd Engine bayCRVSilver modified CRV.DB8This 4 Door Integra with a JDM front end swap was so cleanCrinkle Black Pretty interesting paint job, can't say I've seen anything like it before.Ruckus! 2 Rad Ruckus's's's's's...Ciic CoupeMugenMugen themed Si on Candy Red Marquis Promoda RegamastersRHDRhd DA IntegraEGCRX EquipCRX on Work Equips 01's.Ep3 on dc5 wheelsEp3 on Type R DC5 wheels.AccordCrazyEF CrazyDOWNWTR Rear EFStickerSpoielrThis Crazy EF was one of the cars talked about a lot at the show, hate it or love it, its individual and really did stand out.Pearlescent Plasti dipped EM1 on Whistler WheelsCRXCRX Mk1 RearMk1 ExhaustGreat to see the Mk1 CR-X from last year once again looking stunning, with its new parts!DC2Rear JDM Dc2Original JDM DC2 on RegamastersHeadlights EkLoved the headlights on this EK Coupe.MezuMezumezuMezuDC2Good to see my old friends from Mezurashi CrewEP3Ep3 on NT03+m's looking incredible! I loved it!AcuraCIvic CoupeEngineRearBadass looking Civic coupeH2BWildeSick EG with a Turbo H swap on TE37'sEngin bayEngine bayLoved the creativity shown here on this engine bay...Eg6I loved this EG6 SiR. I also have more of this to come in the coming weeks.AccordESREATSLEEPRACE's Display car on the Saturday, we are going to be working with them in the future so keep your eyes pealed !CRVCRVLegitimately couldn't get enough of the East coast CR-V Game. Its sick! I loved this also.EGEGEg makes me weak at the knees!!! I love them. Best shape civic to me.SiDC5Milano Red DC5 on White Regamasters, 20 year old me would have thought by now this would be my life.Del Sol Engine bayDel Sol on CCW wheelsYellw itrYEllowITRBeautiful Yellow ITR finished with the Downstar V3 hardwareAccordD seriesFastest D series car in existence, over 850bhp from this little engine!! insane!!HDAY GIrlsHDay Girls hard at work!PapiflyPAPISedan My homie Papiflyy looking sick on his new wheels.HPJJasonJason is a celebrity in the Honda world & he has many fans, I captured a moment between one of them and himself...BayDownstar is super popular on the east coast which is so sick to see! We stock all his stuff so shoot us an email with any questions ! Lets start getting some bays looking this good here in the UK..EP3AucraEGTime for some Drag Racing!DragLIneLineMiniEFDOWNWTR DADaOrangeSI ShootoutThey Run a street class called the SI Shootout which is always fun to watch before the main eventSI Burnout CRXBurnout CRXBurnout CRXI'm really not sure if there is anything much better than the burnouts these guys do.EGDownstarThe Downstar Coupe laying down some rubberRadThe noise these cars make goes right through you. When that 2 step kicks in it feels like a new heart beat.Black hatch BurnoutEg HatchBurnout buroutSmile ItrItegBurnout SonicCivic hatch After watching the qualifying for the Drag series I headed back into the show ground to see what I may have missed first time roundCivic Em1This Civic coupe had some incredible parts on.FerrariFerrari seatsFor instance, Ferrari 458 Carbon bucket seats..Mugen Mugen Wheels..Boot buiuldBoot Installand a crazy boot!!AcurainteriorEngineSterring wheelDialsDOWNWTR INteriorBootRearAcuraThis Acura had an incredible interior, all together very well executed car ! ...Civic PredludeOrnge s2kCan you believe this is just the Saturday ? Not even the main event!!ITRSide on Yellow ITRSide on frontRearThe owner to this incredible car is RHD_Kev on Instagram, check it out.NSX FRONTSide Love these photo's of Javier's NSX.S2000This is the Giveaway car for E-Town 2015, can you believe you dont even have to pay any extra to win this? You just take your entry ticket to enter to the booth, someone wins this car FOR NOTHING!!!!! Modelled by the HDAY Girls !CRX3.2 V6 CRX DelSolVraceworksVRaceworks Em1 CoupeITR ITR EngineLove this ITR.ACcordClean Sedan HPJI want to end this Saturday post on this picture of HondaPro Jason & some of his fans who asked for another photo. It almost sums up Honda Day for me, just people who have the same interests enjoying each others company. I love it, i love the variety of the cars and the people, every race of human comes together to bring every type of modified Honda & Acura to the event, which is hosted fantastically by Javier & the HDay crew.I honestly cannot wait to show you the Sunday show & the rest of the blogs I'm planning on this event.Thank you for sticking it out.AdammerchDOWNWTR