HDAY 2015 Spotlight: Albert Marty JR Civic EG

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Like I said previously the main objective to these Spotlights is for me to highlight my favourite cars from the event. I tried my best to speak with as many people as possible, as I love networking and meeting the people behind the cars. I have followed as like most of you Albert Marty & Albert Marty JR on instagram for a long time, I first met Albert Marty Sr at HDay 3 years ago & he was so humble & down to earth, which when you are one of the better known builders in this scene I cannot say to often is the case. It was fantastic to speak with them both again at this event this year, so I wanted to shwo you in more detail Albert Marty Jr's EG Civic first.EGFront onRear EGI am an eg guy, they are my favourite looking Civic. There's just something about the EG that screams buy me. So as you who have followed 6two1 for a while will know,  I did just that 2 years ago.Front side on Engine shotAlbert's Civic is a K20 Supercharged swapped EG. He's bought the rev limit down to 7500rpm and gets over 450bhp, the car is lethal.rear pas sideSpoon 2nd Gen Spoon Sports steering wheel ...Volk GramsStunning Rays Gram Lights wheels...Engine bayShot of that incredible engine... #MartybuiltMilspec harnessMirrorConfettiRecarosRare Recaro interior ...RearEGI Love this car, I really do, you have to follow him on Instagram : @bert_Ayham Hope you like the photos.... Adam  merchDOWNWTR