HDAY 2015 Spotlight // EG6 SiR2

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JDM Car's seem pretty hard to come by out in the USA, but there are some which have made the long trip over seas and now reside in the USA. This EG6 SiR2 is one of them.EG6 SIR2 Upfront the EG6 has a Wings West front lip..Rear Divers siderearSpoilterOn the rear the tail is finished up by a Kevlar Spoiler by Backyard Special JPAdvanStanceI love the stance the advan's give to the EG.EGSir interiorThe Interior is still relatively oem which looks amazing to see, also has a double din headunit centre section which is very rare to find in good condition now !Bonet upK20Engine shotLurking under the bonnet, is a beautifully finished Kswap. Which looks like it belongs in their!!I love this car, I love it so much.I hope you liked the photos.Please follow the owner on Instagram @sir_2AdammerchDOWNWTR