HDay Sunday 2015 // 6TWO1

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Following on from Saturday's warm up is the main event which takes place on the Sunday!The Races are competitive. The Show cars increase by maybe 4 x the event size, it just goes crazy!!I decided to use the morning to chill out and get some footage for my youtube show Honda Diaries, The sun was so harsh I knew my photos would suffer so I decided that I would start taking photos once the drag racing started.Rear of EGEGCoupeCivic HatchDownstarDownstarDOWNWTRHday SonicPurple White EGCivic Civic coupeCoupe The Drag racing elimination rounds are awesome, not just because the racers are going for their best times but because of how their teams react if they will or loose, I love watching it, its great entertainment!Back in the show, the level had been raised even higher...Civic coupeSpecial orderCoupe I've been told by the owner of this coupe it was a one off special order RHD Coupe, I honestly don't know much of the history. My mind is a bit of a blur from the whole event !CRVDown the Back of the event they had these group of car's that all had speakers on the roof. It was so so funny, I'm almost laughing righting this out remembering it from the event. I Honestly loved it. These dudes were having like, sound system battles. I've got a video I will upload to youtube.Wild paintCrazy paint job on this S2000, haven't seen this sort of thing for years !Bonnet skinBonnet skin removed on this DC2 showing the Bseries under it...EK hatch EK Hatch repping Hasback from the Westcoast....Love the oldschoolLove the old school Civic's ....EK9Legit EK9 Type R in Pheonix Yellow ....Orange CivicCivic SiCivic SI on Whistler WheelsBlack ITRBlack ITR Looked cleanEM1As did this black Em1.CRVStunning Blue CRV on Air ride! Looks so goodCRXCRXCoinsRed CRVYou're going to be seeing a lot of CRV posts in this blog because I completely fell in love with them at this show! Properly captured my imagination ...CoupeOnce again the coupe from yesterday, you can see how the colour changes and how well the Whistlers suit it!Civic 4doorCivic 4 Door on the Whistler wheels also!CRVCRVSlammed CRV looked so badass driving along...3gSuper clean 3G CivicRED CRVLook at how amazing this CRV looks!!! I just love it. The East coast has completely recaptured my imagination !CRVAnd another...CivicRSXLoved how the RSX sat on the RPF1 Enkei wheelsOld School tuning style...ITRSuper Clean ITRS2000J's racing theme'd S2000, more on this in a blog coming soon...The ITRThe ITR on Regamasters again from yesterdayFrankFrank from Downstar doing his thing! Letting us put our decals on his stand too to give away was great of himBobbySnapped this of Bobby's Engine whilst chilling on the Downstar standCivic EGCivic EG on Image wheels! looked great.Civic 9thNSXDOWNWTRChargerEuro RLoved the Euro R theme to this CL7, looked amazing on the CCW'sAccord ITR DC5Dc5 Looked awesome on the Enkei PF01's a very under-rated wheel in my opinion!!EM1AccordI loved the engine bay of this accordDC2Another shot of this DC2 Which I loved! I just saw on Facebook he may part it out, which sucks but hopefully the parts go to a good home!CrazyCraziest car at the event, RWD S2000 Engined EM1 Coupe with a carbon engine bay. More to come on this.S2000 Murdered out S2000, incredible!MugenMugen theme'd genuine JDM Dc2 Type RSpoon EngineFerdman's JDM Dc2 with a Spoon theme. I love it! So cool ! Remind's me of Pete's!Blue EGBlue Eg from yesterday always worth another photo.Em1 SpoonSpoon theme'd IntegraCCWEPloved the colour combo on this EPJohn's DC5DC5John's Dc5 once again, this car just gets better every single year. I love it! Also notice the 6TWO1 decal !Red EM1Once again the red EM1 from the Saturday.Red Em1Ferrari seat manAccordCivicThis Looks great.CRVBobbys GFBobby's girlfriend Tara had found a comfortable position for a nap.. hahaDa6DALoved how well executed this DA was...NSxTurboThe Turbo from the Grey NSX ... CrazyEP3SickSick EP3REAL DC5DC5Real Blue DC5 on Regamasters, great talking with the owner too who's instagram is : wil1ywonkaCivicThis Civic coupe is one of my favourites from the whole weekend. More in-depth look at this shortly...AccordAnother shot of the Accord TourerEKTimeless.MainstageIt was a lot of fun to party at the mainstage !Civic coupe Civic CoupeHeader (manifold) Held down by downstar spikes, in the highest HP D series in the world, available today at www.6two1.com (aha had to plug!)CrazyWild. Absolutely Wild.CrxClean CRX!N600Javiers N600 also made it to the show !Clean CivicThis Civic was oposite franks booth all Sunday and I loved it, it sit's beautifully on the wheels & I LOVED The Colour.EFCivic As I was helping Frank pack up this rad EF came along to talk with him!Wlecome to hDAY& With that, brings to a close my HDay Event coverage.I really hope you enjoyed the Photos. I have some individually selected cars to show you over the coming weeks.Thank you for reading.AdammerchDOWNWTR