Homeless Honda Meet 22-11-09

Post by adminsdd 24/11/2009 0 Comment Car Meet's,
So, me and a few of the other local honda kids from the colchester area all tripped it up to the Honda meet in bury for the evening, it was freezing, im not going to lie, i was so cold, i could have let out a little tear, but i feared it would turn to ice.ok im over exaggerating but it was cold.I Got the camera out when i go to the car park, spoke to fellow forum members including Bon, James rowe, Ku, and a few others whilst we were there, unfortunatly, i didnt get many pictures, as i didnt realise how to edit the lighting that was used there, once i got home and had a play i wish id taken some more as it comes out ok after a while with photoshop Bons integra: null nullAnton's Charged Type R: nullA great thing about this meet, was that it was only about 40 minute drive away, and i didnt have to go through any traffic, was funny getting lost in Bury though, even tho we were in the right place at the start! haha.Some real nice Honda's tho.Well worth the trip, looking forward to the next one already ! :) null