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I have always admired Hond-r's work from afar, at meets, on the forums of which I see their builds consistently pushing the standards of the UK Honda scene whilst upholding a fantastic reputation with the customer base. Scott Palmer, or Frolic as he is known on the forum's & I both joined the Honda modifying world at the same time about 5 years ago. Alway's keeping my eyes on his car's build thread on Civiclife & catching up with him at Mimms & whatever shows we may both have been at. Finally, we decided on a date for me to go down and hang out with him  & the rest of the Hond-R guys, whilst getting some images to be able to supply to magazines down the line & for my own site.

accord crx

Typically, after a week of maybe the nicest weather England is going to see all year, the weekend arrived and it was  one of the most torrential rain storms I've seen all year. As I arrived the weather let off enough for me to shoot one car. Which im not sure what magazine the images will appear in just yet but i will keep everyone updated. These were of a B20 Mugen kitted CRX.

I managed to get one image of Frolics EK before the heavens opened...


We headed to KFC to drown our sorrows in greasy chicken & wait out the weather untill time for the Hond-R meet which had been re-located to a Multistory car park. Upon arrival & some of the cars turning up, you can tell a tuner that really has some influence is present in Oxford. Many of the car's having the bays tucked, great body work etc.

Anyway, on to the images from the meet, Frolic lent me is 50mm canon lens as I'd never used one before! some of the images are a bit out of focus as I was trying to get used to how it worked but some came out pretty nice. Going to get myself one next week.

Ep3 on Rota Slipstreams EP3

This EM1 on some form of XXR's. As I keep saying these wheel's I dont know a whole lot about to be honest. I am aware they came from America & the price this guy has said he's paid to get them all fitted onto the car he could have had a set of BBS RS's, So I hope for his sake they stand the test of time. They certainly looked good on his coupe. XXRem1

This Photo of the Mugen Honda stream is out of focus but I could not, not post an image of this car. As for being the only one I know of that is actually modified in the country, it also has a genuine Mugen body kit on it. If we're talking rare. This is as rare as it gets in the UK Honda scene. mugen stream

JDM Dc2 with a DC5 Mugen spoiler dc2

The Mugen kitted Type S Accord that was formally built by Maz of Hond-R has stuck around in their circle. Their friend Ryan now owns it & told me his future plans are to supercharge it. Front mugen

Front right



Maz now owns and drives this around, an Accord Euro R. Euro R


euro r

Pristine Jordan & the B20 CRX b20rx

Another of Frolics EK. elk frolic

"Sandy" also arrived in his Euro R euror

Andy Boyles immaculate EK9, Volk TE37's...Spoon Brakes... Ek9


Another shot of the Jordan.. jordan

CRX & Frolics ek.. CRX

I hope you all enjoyed the images. I'm glad I was able to bring you something Honda before I fly to LA tomorrow. Looking forward to being able to bring you some coverage from over there.

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