Honda Culture & Friends @ Ace Cafe

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Once again Ace Cafe had its car park graced the usual Honda suspects. This time it had a slight twist, the evening hosted by Honda Culture had allowed the friends we had met from different scene's to come down & enjoy the event with us. The event was once again very chilled. Featuring some of the finest Cars the south east (and surrounding areas) has to offer.


There is not much more I really need to talk about for the event, especially this close to the endless horizon meet, but check out the Honda culture forum, have a read through some of the builds and enjoy the few pictures i got from the event, honestly I wasn't to on the ball but as the meet was very similar to the Endless Horizon one & I spent more time socialising at this one than focusing on pictures, sometimes you just get so drawn away from the actual even trying to get the best pictures you miss out on the social side.

It was really nice to meet a few people that come asking to buy stickers, that read the site, gave me some really positive feedback. So thank you for that, It was nice to hear some positive stuff. Also, I have to say civic5, y u no representing? haha. I promised on of the dudes i spoke to id say that.

Harv's EK running Mugens


H.i.s Making the journey from Brighton HIS

Si Rolling in, in his K20 ek Si rolling

Fyse and his recently Canibeat featured Dc2


Really clean silver hatch silver ek

Sam's Eg & a Facelift Dc5 Ek dc

Keeping it Simple, MK2 Golf on BBS's. the look is timeless. mk2

Jay's S2000. Looks so good on these wheels. S2k

Si's Ek20's Bay. Simons bay

He still wont let me buy his rims. Ep

This Audi A3 was really impressive, Shaved and tucked bay, Air ride, Split rims so disappointed I didn't get better pictures of it, hopefully will see it at a few show's this year.


Dean's Dc2 dc2

Some of the HC Crew chilling hc