Honda Culture in Milton Keynes

Post by adminsdd 07/05/2010 0 Comment Uncategorized,Car Meet's,
soooo Finally i have a spare 2 minutes, well i dont, but im using these anyway. I poped up to MK to see a few of the lads from HC And check out what they'd done new to their car's.So i went to matts house first, and because i was on an off day, we hoped over to KFC for lunch. and accidently found Tegboy lol.After chatting to him for a bit, and eating my own mass in KFC. we headed back to matts house before the meet.Once the group had all got together, we started our convoy over to Milton Keynes place thingy were we all parked up and chatted, gave me the oppertunity to take a few picture's too, nothing to heavy, as thank's to DN, he bought me the present along of a Fat lip, so with my lip bleeding and throbbing a bit from a heavy handed headlock- WHICH by the way he took me by suprise! other wise id killed the little bastard :P but yeah, these arnt all the picture's. Still have more to Edit but i really havnt had time yet. but none of you pay me for these so Do 1! hah :PAccord jordan tegboys lsi n crx ek9s tegbosy Ek9s non hdr And heres one HDR I did... just playin about more than anything!hdr