Honda Culture October Meet

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That Time again for me to get my arse up to Milton Keynes to hang with the HC Family. It was cold, but I was looking forward to Nando's with the guys, I love Nandos.Typically, i spent a few hours cleaning my car, Tom come over and started to clean his, then it started raining, and i honestly thought the orwell bridge was going to be my only option.CleaningSide tracking for a minute, People with Black cars, how do you do it?!? Ive owned mine since September 25th, and its 15th November today, and i already want a re-spray, it just always looks like its been in a rally :(Ohwell.On we went, 3 Tegs all different Origions headed up, got to the MK Xscape zone (one of my personal favourite places in the country) Got the god dang' nandos id been craving & headed to our meeting point.SonnyI love Hc meets, contrary to belief's. the people inside of Honda Culture are some of the most down to earth people ever, if you had met them outside of a meet with their car not present, you wouldnt know they had built anything worth talking about, even when being there, I think the cars are rarely mentioned! AliThe more relaxed chilled out atmosphere of the HC meets means you can pretty much do whatever you like, Sonny likes touching men, Matt likes "drifting" a Bmx on a skateboard (it looked rubbish but we love him so we let him have his moment) and i liked skating with Ali, we are both almost pro now.Ali was prattin around on the bike too. alik20siLike always, the turn out was good for a freezing cold night, as always some awesome cars turned out, Simon came down in his epic K20'd Ek. He let me have a little go, my life changed that moment. k20s in little cars are the future. One nice thing about Si, he fits in perfectly with the rest of the HC guys, So down to earth and real. He's built one of the sickest Civics going at the moment but if you met him anywhere else he wouldn't even mention it unless asked. Their are just no Ego's going on which makes everyone feel so welcome.Matt telling a very exciting story... mattwheel n tegEpWe had a fantastic amount of stunning old school hondas turn up, a real treat, i feel a bit bad as i cannot do these justice as the lighting was aweful by the time they turned up and my hands were cold, so i had put the camera away, i only have these pics, i hope these guys come to the next meet so i can do proper pictures.Also in the future i want these for individual keep an eye outCrxtegI love Hc meets, you should come. Any Cars are welcome. just come Chill :)