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Honda day.....I sit here, 2 weeks since the event shaking my head in disbelief, I still cannot get over my weekend, I have been to a fair few shows in a fair few countries but nothing could have prepared me for Honda Day 2013 @ Englishtown NJ.For a start, I was on my own, my dad did not want to occompany me on this trip so I set off to New Jersey on my own, picking up my rental and heading to my hotel. Off topic but where I was staying you have to turn right to go left, this is something I've never experienced and I ended up actually in Englishtown at 11:30pm on a rainy east coast night.I will skip the first couple of days of my trip as I have a post to make about that also, I visited 5 points, new york and a few other awesome places but I will post that another time, for now I want to show you the show, show you what I saw. I hope you've already had the chance to check out my Spoon Sports post which you can find here :// day started fairly early, I wasn't sure what time to head to the show as it was the Saturday, I had heard from friends who had been before that it gets pretty busy. Thankfully, Honda Day had actually got in contact with me on twitter to get myself a media pass, which meant I got to go in a separate entrance to everyone else. At my hotel there were some other Honda Day attendees so I waited for them to go before I headed off too.After getting to Raceway Park and collecting my Media credentials, I parked up and then headed to what I guess I'd describe as the General meet area part of the show. I walked around scouting for the cream of the crop. I knew I had all day so I wanted to take my time with the pictures and lap up the atmosphere of the show, now I will say that I have now seen things I didnt even know existed in real life haha. Such things as having a very well modified car and then strapping speaker boxes to the roof. Unbelievable haha but hey if its what people are into then I dig it.I hope you enjoy the pictures;I come across this Red EG. Super clean on BBS's with a J's racing rear wing, I had never seen a half cut off bonnet in real eg frontfront 2rearParked up next to the EG was this EJ coupe, (I understand that the EG in America is actually an EH. But I'm going to call it an EG so we dont get confused.) I spoke with the owner who said they were cousins, his coupe was also on the BBS RS's with Denji headlamps also hosting a half cut bonnetgreenrearI also met a group of guys who run under the crew name Mezurashi Mob, all of their cars were outstanding in the showground. Rico's RHD JDM imported DA Integra, sat proudly on re-barrelled Regamasters was an eye catching car. Also, most of this crew run clear rear lights! Very cool...DA 1DA rearClean Sedans....sedansrearlightRearJosh's Civic coupe on Image Split rims..split rimsrear coupeYellow S2000 on Work Meister S1's...S1ylwrearAwesome Accord...accordAfter more of a stroll around I caught a glimpse of a few NSX's rolling in..nsxI found myself in what I think was Show and shine ? I honestly don't really know how it was all set out, not having a car on show I found myself just aimlessly wandering around just enjoying the cars & meeting some of the owners. This red EK really stood out to me, its subtle yet perfectly executed modifications really impressed me.ekLoved the flip paint on this 8th Gen coupe...civic siK swapped coupe on 17' Work Emotion XD9's, the green paint job looked awesome!coupeI Love the CR front lip for the S2000.... as seen on this black one equipped with TE37'ss2ks2kJDM Integra DC2 on Regamasters...DC2I found myself in the trade area where VRaceworks had 2 incredible Civic's on show. The first was this turbo EG was*INSERT BLACK COUPEDownstar also had a stand, which had this lime green EG, K swapped with a First mouldings lip & JLine wheels (I think please correct if im wrong)EG limeFlat Matt Blue S2000 was also in the trade area, stunning cars2This NSX was fairly OEM but wow, the NSX just has such a presence. This is my dream car, one day I will have one.nsxThis Civic owned by Sebastian Rodriguez seems to do the rounds on all the popular facebook groups...CivicJazz with a really nice stance and a real nice body kit....jazza Sedan which had some different rear on it, im not sure it was an American spec as I'm not to hot on my 4G knowledge but it was cool & rocked clear rears too! I think you'll see a back end picture on Day 2 post as I cant find one I took the first daysedan 1Amazing Accord Coupe.accordThis S2000 is HARD. Look's so awesome if stance is what you're into!s2000And another...s2000I dont even know what this is?eh?Badass Turbo DA. DADC5 Sat on Enkei NT03+ with an ARC Intake, Sits so good on these wheels...dc5Turbo Prelude on Work VS-XX wheels...PreludeStunning Midori Green CRZ....crzrear crzStunning Acura TL (please correct me if im wrong on the model! we dont get these in England that front is the Accord)tlBlack Coupe on BBS RM & the clear rear lights...Frontrear coupeDC5...dc5Some of the car club names out at the show really made me laugh, #Teambuttsluts. Wonder if she realised? HahabuttslutsAmuse S2000 on CE28's...Amuse s2kRearClean S2000, unsure on what wheels these are. I have an idea but if someone knows please post.S2000J Swapped EG civic..j swapI found my way around the Drag paddock where teams were preparing their cars for qualifying ...carsdragreddragdragCheck the cool spoiler built into the boot lid of the DC2.dc2civcivcivicrollinupAwesome Orange civic being directed to the showground...CivicStunning White EG hatchwhiteBeautiful S2000 on Blitz Split rims..blitThe first of many modified CRV's at the show, Loved this one!CrvDC5 Rocking some wild colour wheelsdc5Sedan on BBS wheels. not sure what model to be honest!sedan8th gen Civic si with a half cut bonnetCivic siLoved this EK. Colour was so awesome! Along with the CCW'S.CNext to him was this White EK on Work SplitscvThis CRX was one of the cleanest I've ever seen. Turbo'd with Work Splits that OSAKA JDM use as their own!CRXAbdi's incredibly clean EF!efStunning black EFefNot sure what kit this is on this EF, but looked great! another one in amazing condition...efCRX with Kevlar Bonnet & Lip, looked awesome & was also staying at my hotel!..efcrxNow it was time for the guys to bring the noise, I am a complete new comer to the Honda Drag racing scene so I do not know anyones names, any classes that got raced or any of the previous rivalries which I am sure they're are many! But Honda Day had given me the media pass so I headed down track side as the race cars started to line up!track carNYCE1S, I saw this logo around most of the day, must be a pretty big crew? TB's hanging out the hood, so cool!nyceonesNyce1Line up...raceI wont write anything in between the pictures of the cars, its pretty obvious what they are & What theyre doing. Just enjoy the pictures :)tyredc2white egminiEKekegehegekdc2crxratedrsedasedanrhinoekegeg esrefftwWith that, I ended my day, it was very hot, I was very tired & wanted to get back and do some more work from the hotel. So I headed off for a night of rest...Day 2 Coverage coming soon, hope you enjoyed day 1...ad1