Honda Day Sunday 2014

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DAY 2 Of Honda Day!!The one that everyone signs up for. Sunday is the busiest day for the show, its amazing. I cannot express how many people come to this event. I want to go as far as calling it a festival. With the atmosphere at its peak, the event is a great place to be at.Going to get stuck straight into the photos once again, as we have around 138 to go through.Dc5Dc5sDC5This Dc5 was unreal. It's RHD swapped, with a MAX Racing body kit, bride seats, Volk wheels, it was beautiful.dc2DC2 looked great.dc2turboDownstar bolts through out this beautiful baynsxNSXPink Coupe with the Izusu Front endPink Coupe with the Izusu Front endturbdc5Turbo DC5CleanClean EGmattMatte Orange S2000dc2Beautiful Yellow DC2 on Mag blue CE28sS2000I love this S2000.frontRearBlack ITR with a Red status seat & black enkei split wheels.CraazCrazy....CoupeSick EBP Coupe.. on Regamasters! timeless combo!EGEG6 with a KSwap and TE37s, with the Spoon Sports Front lips2000S2000Beautiful...InteriorCustom Status interior in the S2000!crxAlejandroAlejandro cleaning up his stunning CRXEGClean EG ShellEG6Amazing EG6 with First mouldings front lipHonda N600Honda N600EgNo idea what Wheels they are but they look very coolEFClean EF on body coloured Rota Wheels.AmazingAmazing Acura. We call this the Legend....CrvClassy.odesseySo Pimp.!CRVCRV's out in New Jersey are so good. So pimp! I love it.CRVCRVEG9 on Enkeis with a KSwapAccordAmazing AccordEFEFEF On SSR with a custom hood & Downstar bolts! Clear Rears & A custom spoilerTSX/Accord ...AccordAccord on CCW's looks so classyAccordAccord on Vossen wheelsCivic 8th Gen on 18 inch Whistler WheelsCivic 8th Gen on 18 inch Whistler WheelsDC2DC2RFully Mugen DC2Yello Dc2Dc2Unreal build!, Yellow DC2, Spoon lip & brakes, J's racing vents.. Yellow recaros...TE37sDC2dc2DC2Rdc2Another stunning DC2R....Dc2RDc2RDC2RBeautiful DB8 Type R, Spoon Lip, Spoon Brakes, Regamasters....GiovanniGiovanni's Coupe...CoupeDc2RicoMezurashii!*!!!S2000 Slammed on CCWsCCWStunning S2000Mugen Dc5Mugen Turbo DC5....S2000Red S2000 on Works...S2000 SpoonSpoon Sports S2000 on Enkeis...I headed back to the drag strip as it was the finals. I really had no idea what was going on. Haha. I had to ask Jay From the Ncye1s to explain it to me, once he had and i kind of got the jist of it. I really started to enjoy it a lot more.roadEGOnce the cars hit the track. It is carnage. I love it, the burnouts at the start are so savage.itngetBack on the show field...Civicem1S2000 engine'd Rear wheel drive EM1... AMAZING. With the Carbon engine bay ....thing blew my mind...Baby Blue coupe on Whistler KR1sType RAmazing Type R Replica on Barramundi Wheels...Petes Sedan!Adam's S2000.DC5 on Yellow Wheels...FrontConvertablevery..unique...EGegStunning EG!OldskoolBeautiful Oldskool Honda...EGBare bonnet skin.AcuraStunning Acura...SpSpooned out Green DC2...AcuraI have no idea what this is, but i love it.AccordLove this shape Accord too.I headed back to the Track as they called out the finalists were all facing off...Jay from the Nyce1s was set up to capture the actions...nyce1egEgegBit of confrontation...Emotions running high..& with that, we draw to a close. Honda Day 2014 was amazing. I love this show so much. Everyone seem's very nice. I have made some great friendships out here & I Know for certain I will be back next year.If you are considering heading stateside for a show. This is the one.