Honda's with stance are rice.

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Back when I first made this post, I was still very new to blogging. I have made some small changes to make it a bit more of a pleasant read but I feel DN's car had a big impact in the UK Scene and that it need's revisiting...

"Honda's with stance are rice" - This is a quote, from a guy that drives a standard Toyota Corolla on the well known English Civic from

I'd beg to differ.

Passenger side view

Instead of that idiot fanboy "stance is rice, look at me im trying to be different by hating the guys that do it differently" approach, maybe it's just someone taking a different outlook to modifying a Honda?

Personally, I couldnt give a monkey's if a car is set up to be slammed, to be a track car, to be parked upside down in a skip on a friday night after 1 to many Jägerbombs. As long as the car's owner is a nice guy/girl, then who care's? end of the day we all have different backgrounds and upbringings that make us who we are and if we are all in it for the same thing, then what's the issue, why the divide?

zoom wheel

A good friend of mine DN has shown perfectly with his 9J all round his VSM Civic EK4.

Front Left

The Bright blue wheels originally off a Volkswagen, make the Civic have this crazy stance, seriously seeing it in real life is awesome, it just gives it this G boy kinda swag, I personally love watching it drive along the road.


Drivers Side

(excuse the editing in this picture, his rear lights arnt black thats just me messing around on HDR's on photoshop.) rear


rear colour

I took these photo's whilst on site for the HC photoshoot so we got another one of the guys involved in his Low Rider Styled Civic Ek.

hdr both


Side ali front dn

Front wheels


front again

Once again thank you for reading, checking out the pics.

And to end, in the words of Remedi. (Remedi Photo Media)

"If Stance is Rice, get me another bowl please"

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