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First and main point I want to make, so I will make it right now, at the very beginning.THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made the effort to come down to the meet. I was overwhelmed once it all sunk in on just how many people came to the first show I hosted. All the time, money & sleepless nights I went through become abundant once I saw all the cars rolling in, the DJ's playing and even though the weather wasnt on our side, people smiling. That really did make my day. It was awesome! I have already had a meeting regarding the day & Rebooking it all for next year, which will be named IMPACT TWO14. So watch out for sneak previews of that.I want to start this story from the week before the show. I got to work & started off doing a few general orders I had to do, whilst cutting out some stickers, my machine at itself. I started to panic slightly. I tried everything, even getting a new computer (I say new, it was an old one laying around in the office that was no longer occupied by a previously employee) running. After days of trying to contact the forever useless idiots I bought it off, I just decided to bite the bullet and buy a new machine, which thankfully arrived at 8:30am on the Thursday.Thursday I spent the whole day printing stickers, not cutting / weaving, just printing. Simon Bucknell arrived at around 7ish after a super long drive from his home near wales or somewhere miles away like that. I put him straight to work. The next 24 hours nearly completely involved weaving stickers. I thought Simon was going to just walk out and go home haha, thankfully though he helped me all day, I wouldn't have been able to complete what we did without him.Saturday, was a nice treat. Thankfully my girlfriend & her best friend were willing to help do the stickers whilst Simon & I cleaned up our cars. We had also heard from Hoho & his group of mates that they were driving down from Newcastle. I couldn't actually believe it. Once everyone was at the house, the driveway looked amazing. We all got stuck in detailing the cars, I had to remove all the Advertising stickers off my EG so I got no pictures, thankfully Henry Yeung who came down with Hoho decided to start snapping away1(Photo Copyright Henry Yeung Photography)2(Photo Copyright Henry Yeung Photography)Si dc5(Photo Copyright Henry Yeung Photography)EG hoho(Photo Copyright Henry Yeung Photography)EG MUGENOnce we had spent a good few hours on the cars, the northern boys departed for their hotel to have a shower & Relax before meeting us for dinner, later on, last minute we managed to get a table big enough for the 8 of us at Zizzi's in Colchester Town before heading for the Pre-Drinks at V BAR. Not many people turned up to V bar, wether it be through my lack of organisation or just people being to tired. It was a shame because the people that did turn up had a great evening (Some of them got very drunk). It was great to put some internet faces to names, Very chilled out evening & thank you to V Bar for giving us the floor for the night.The next morning came my 5:00 am Alarm, Along with the nervs and anticipation. I am not going to lie, I was very nervous. After putting the final bits into my Civic, seeing the clouds and needing a jumper, I was even more worried. I had ordered sun, not this cold depressing british weather. Regardless, I knew I had everything in place to be set for a good day.Once again I need to extend my gratitude to Simon Bucknell, even though he was on the verge of throwing up all of last nights meal & alcohol he still helped my dad and I set up the 6two1 Stand.standAt around 7:30am, cars started arriving, Liam B was one of the first in as always. Shows great support to myself & The 6TWO1 brand, this does not go un-noticed !! I didnt get to get my camera going until mid-day because I was so busy organising cars and trying to make the day run smooth, but here are my photos. I will also be including links to others gallery's of the day!My good friends at own the night clothing had a trade stand with Pete's DC2 out front. I know a lot of you grabbed some of their merchandise. Great company : check them out here : www.facebook.com/ownthenightclothingownthenightYellow EK9Ek9Clair's Epic J's Racing S2000. I gave this car the award of Car of the show. Because it blew me away!Front jsJ's racingAll morning I spent lining the cars up. I'm sure a lot of people wondered why I was being so anal about how they are parked but to me this is one of the most important things at the event. Next year I will have more marshals to get everyone in a bit quicker. Doing it all on my own was a bit of a pain in the arse. Thank you to Sam Brazier for helping me on the spur of the moment too haha.lineupOne of the Shootall Ballers Cars, Incredible DC2.Dc2Matt Howards K-swapped Phoenix Yellow DC2, is one of my favourite cars around at the minute. Simplicity at its finest with a killer engine swap hiding under the bonnet. As soon as I saw him pull in I put him right next to the 6TWO1 stand haha.matth 2Matts Dc24GUK Also arrived very early in the day, I never actually made it round to their side of the show site with my camera. I had a good look around earlier but didn't get many pictures, this is one of the lineup I did manage..4gH Life also came down in a large group early on. Alex's pristine DC5...dc5EGBig thanks goes out to Dave @ Endless Horizon for all his help getting the word out there via social media too, but mainly for being on time. In all my years knowing Dav, I think this was the first time ever he's been on time for an event. haha. I feel honoured it was mine he chose to be on time for.EHDav also bought a long his friend with an incredible EVO which you may recognise from the Mimms meet post, now on new Enkei Wheels!evoOne of the 2 DJ's of the day - Ed Billing. I have literally known Ed the whole time I have been into modifying cars. He was the resident DJ of a car club I first joined at 18 called Street Legal & When I was looking for a DJ he was the first that sprung to mind. Both himself and the other DJ for the day did an epic job with the tunes & WILL Be back next year!!!dj edZak's Jordan being photobombed by Jonny from ILOVEBASSzak jordanMr JDMGram Himself (Check instagram, you're probably already following him!) all day he kept telling me off for drinking redbull haha.jdmgramMatt & Dave capturing the atmosphere nicely in this image!happyTom Walker's Legend took home award for best wheel/stance combo. What a looker it is!!LegendlegendStevens EK is absolutely flawless.EK9ek zkek bayHLIFE Integras...integrasHarv's EK4 with its fresh bonnet pins..ek4Nath turned up in his brothers R8 ConvertibleR8convertible Smokehoes had arrived super early too, their 300bhp naturally aspirated EP3. With Si's DC5r in the backgroundEp3Lance from Smokehoes GTR-34GTRGTRGlenn Osborne's EGEGSilver Ek with a green theme rolling around..EkReally nice White EP3...EP3Sam "The Man" Anderton's Carbon EP3 - He also very kindly did a MC Set completely off the cuff.EP3Real clean EP3 next to Sam'sEP3'sOEM, Clean white S2000S2000James K20 EGEGk20Gareth Ashcroft's New EM1...em1Waj from HighEndPerformance..wajA clean late registration DC2R.DC2rSo glad Scott Palmer could make the trip from Oxford. Was a bit touch & go but so glad his amazing b18 converted EJ9 on SE37'sscottpalmerClean Jordan on Rota Grid V's..jordanShuthan's EJ9 converted to B18, Very clean car with a very impressive spec list including a Toda Manifold & Regamasters..ShuntansshunthanBest engine bay went to Ben Parkers EK9, Smoothed & resprayed blue..EK9The paintwork on this EJ Coupe was fantastic. Really poped in the Sun (When it came out!!)green coupeBen Barnes EG..ben barnsI LOVED this Track EG. I was so torn between this & Si Bucknell's DC5 for best track car..EgegDan's DC5 on Enkei NT03's..dc5One thing I did insist on was that regardless of the depth of the build, I wanted it on show. This white Civic showed off a nice OEM FlairEK4Sundips Accord Type R & Dans DC5...SundipsMatt Cole & Amiee Hunts Slammed Ek's on Purple & pink wheels..eks slammedAnother look at Amiee'sAmiesThis is Luke Wood's Coupe. He is taking it down the "I dont give a fuck rusted Rat look" I guess, He goes by the screen name "rapey McRaperson" or something a long those lines on the forums...coupeClean Green EK..EkWill Baxters EK keeps on getting better....EkJon Webb is one of the dudes that came and chilled in V bar the night before. Great to meet him and his crew. Below is his super clean EG.Jon webbHis Friend Ed's 98spec DC2DC2Hard looking Red EG. Loved it! Great inspiration also I believe this had perspex windowsegEK look's like its been through a few battles on the track!EK TrackBenny's EG took home best honda - I felt it deserved the award because of a few reasons, for one, its an awesome build so far in the time he has had it. Dude has a great personality and is enthusiastic about building his car. How it should be. He doesn't build it for awards, he does it for himself, go introduce yourself at a show and you probably wont even start talking about cars until you need to be somewhere else. This is how OUR scene needs to stay. Keep the one time award idiots away.benny frontsideBenny rearBlack JDM EG5 with a B16A swapegReally clean EK4 with body coloured Wheels..EK4epFn2Stu Payne's Audi on 3SDM, also can spot World Number 1 Pro Freestyle MTB Rider Sam Pilgrim who stopped by the show in the background...audiReally nice Honda Integra DC5 Type R on Enkei RPF1's...DC5Coupedc2ep3Jonny from ILOVEBASS's Polo 6N ...6n poloTom Wilkinson's Mk6 on Fifteen52 Snowflakes, great looking car...golf mk6Love seeing more FN2's being experimented with. This black one with the carbon bonnet & Rays TE37's caught my eye...Fn2Local Jake turned up in his Audi S4 on Rota grids...audi s4Another shot of the white Ep from earlierepAndy Warners Euro R is incredible. I friggin love this thing, SE37's work amazingly on it too...Andy warnereurorTuan's EK4 on black Regas..reagasek4I just so happened to have a present in my Civic, to which I gave to my good friend's Danni & Damo's little boy, I hope this is something that made his day a little bit special.presetnRobsey's new S13 that he's been working on..RObseyK20 DC2 on Wedsports...K20Tico's DC5..These guys turned up super early which was really appreciated !!DC5The Newcastle boys before they headed home..newcastleLike I said I did not get around the show with my camera, I was so busy all day the brief time I did manage to get around with my camera was like I said, very brief! So to those that did get even more images, please leave a comment below with a link to where people can find your images!!! So i can add links below :)Thank you again for EVERYONE who came. I hope you had a great day, we will be hosting IMPACT next year, all because of the reception it got this year. Date is below, put it in your diary.Thank you to everyone once again for coming.ad1For best photo quality view on Retina Mac Dear facebook pages who are here just to save the pictures to post to their page, I have no issue with this but please can you give credit by linking the 6two1 facebook page which can be found here: www.facebook.com/6two1