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Turning up early to Mimm's & seeing a familiar face was enough for me to steal his car quickly and get a few photo's for it for here.Matt Cole's Civic is one of the cleanest black car's I have ever had the displeasure of parking my black Dc5 next to in the history of the world. As clean as my car ever would be, it would get made to look like I'd not even touched it for 2 weeks compared to Matt's Civic.front 1It's really low. I would go as far as saying it was the lowest static dropped Civic at South Mimm's both weekends that I have attended this year.When I moved it the first thing I asked was "can the wheels actually turn?!" I was worried about catching them but they do. Somehow.wheelBeing one of the more overlooked Limited run Civic's, Honda produced only 200 of the VTI-s. So they are fairly far & few between.SideMatt is fully aware he cannot drive the car to its max potential, but he loves it. Which even though this would not be my exact style of modifying, I can defiantly respect the car for what it is.Also, the Wheels are Banded G60 Steels. They're normally found on Volkswagen's but they look right at home on Matt's Civic.slam backI also love the fact he keep's it mint, even though it is as low as almost physically possible, the bodywork is still mint and the paint is still fantastic. So Prop's to you Matt for maintaining your civic whilst scraping, everywhere.front again