J.A.E 2010.

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I Am going to rename this event. Im going to call it, The stupid event with speedbumps in and out of the showground where thousands of lowered cars are going.STUPID.ANYWAY.the car's are obviously what I went to see, also to catch up with some honda kids yadayadayada. Actually, the main reason for me going was to get my friend Harvey out of the local area whilst a few friends and his family set up his suprise birthday party. Once we got there I tried to get into what I thought was a show bit (this is after struggling like crazy over speedbumps) only to find out it was going to cost me £15 extra YES £15 EXTRA to park in essentially was a camp site. No way.Once again, Struggled into the car park bit, got out, set off and started to enjoy the show.The car's are awesome. There is just somthing about japanese anything that makes the lower part of my belly tingle, you know the butterflies area.GTRGtr, please jesus if you exist fill my bank account with enough to buy & insure one of these! ahh man i love them, this one had some beautiful wheels on too.raysThis Civic was one of my favourites at the show for style. it sat beautifully on the polished schmidt wheels. civwhelsFound an old friend too, bon's integra is still so clean. Sat on the Green TE37's. i love it. bonsAnother familiar car from the honda scene, I LOVE The new wheels. Deffo get's my 6two1 Seal of approval. e2sawBut overall the show was very messy, as in not organised. but one thing about it i did love was the eating contest, that was very funny to watchnomnomonomFew more of the Civic Forum regulars; Welz: efSimon's Coupe: CoupeLoonys Civic: EKim going to end this entry on an super friggin awesome note.K20 Jazz. k20 jazz