JAF 2011 : Holland Part 2

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JAF was the show that I had actually made the trip to holland for, I hadnt done much research into it, I had watched some video on youtube which had some babe presenting from last year but I couldnt understand a word of what she said, but there looked to be some nice car's in attendance, some track action but most of all an opportunity to get out of england again so I didn't need much convincing!Luckily, the hotel we'd booked, was directly oposite the track entrance, so no early starts, no rushing, very little time from us going from our rooms straight to the show, was so nice for a change ! Hah. I called jeroen & he met us to take us in the show entrance away from general admission as we had been welcomed onto the Hondaplaza, got to give a huge show out & thank you to Petroworkz.com for letting me & rob on their stand.MotulThe Hondaplaza was great, the amount of NSX's & Type R's & S2000's all in one place was very impressive, for me being an absolute Honda obsessive It was awesome, this was my favourite NSX, I forgot to take notes on it, but i'm sure it has some form of forced induction, the massive body kit & the blacked wheels, I was sold.NSXTybrymzThis, was also in my top car's of the show, once again, Milano Red, really loud, BBS LM's. I dig it.2nsxI went for a walk around the show, see what the dutch had to offer, overall, they have some very nice, clean cars. This coupe was one that stood out to me, maybe it was the colour, or the 5 Lug swap & Teg wheels. I don't know, but it was clean so got to hand it to the owner coupeI also really have got a thing for the CRZ, and after seeing the mugen one that was press launched yesterday i can see it being a car I own in the future (the mugen one, or even a K-Swapped one? ha) but I have loved them since they were released, some modern Honda flair, i still think this car will be cool in 20 Years, even though its a hybridcrzIt wasnt just Honda's though, but Honda's were the the most popular brand there by a mile, other Jap motors had come down to show.I think it was the spoiler on this 350Z that got me! haha350also this brutal S15 Front end swapped S14 was fairly hard to miss even being tucked away at the back !s15Also this bright pink S13 made me smile, just such a "give a f" car- "YEAH IM BRIGHT PINK AND WHAT?"pinkNow I know most people still get on their "they aint a real type R" horses and slag the FN2 off, but I still like them, especially white ones, especially when they're slammed on some very rare wheels, like this one:FN2Seriously, they came out of a Honda factory with the K20 in and a Type R Badge on, they're a real type R, turd rear suspension or not.I didnt get many pictures of car's going round the track, as by this point in the day I'd been told I could have some spare track time for me in my integra because one of the guys car's had broken, I was so scared, no word of a lie, I'd seen a few people crash off the track before hand in the day, id never taken my teg round a track anyway & yeah I admit my mind went wandering, sorry no wanderings an understatement, my brain went, signed up for the army & was no now the frontline in Iraq (are we still in Iraq?). Well i'm fairly sure thats where it wanted to be & not thinking of bashing my teg round the track ! haha, I was also a bit nervous that i was going to get kicked off for the noise but yeah, I was scared to say the least, scared & excited.MotulBefore I potentially wrote off my integra i walked around the pit lanes where a lot of companies had their cars on shows15Also im sure you will remember this integra from other big blog's that have posted the build:tegOld school.oldReally clean Yellow S2kYellowsk2Another 350Z but with a bit more of the "stance" theme going on.stance350Now this next car is one I knew straight away, back when I first started floating around on the forums, this car was everywhere, being posted up in every "this honda is sick" thread I saw, I honestly had forgotten about it so when it was right infront of me I had to have a look around it, it still looks so awesome, even though every man and his dog has Red centered wheels now it still look's the don, I think when I first saw it back however many years ago i was like why would you have red wheels what sort of sense does that make? haha! But no, it still looks good, the body kit still works, I love the oil cover effect on the lights, I just love the car.CivOnce again, massive shout out to Petroworkz.com for the whole weekend, big shout out to efella.com as well for their hospitality all weekend, really was appiciated, and for civicclubholland.nl for letting me use their track time, I had an AWESOME time!!Petroworkz stand busy as always. Petroworkz& the Awesome ESR Product's they were selling! i wanted a Fitted hat so bad but didnt bring enough money with me haha i bought a T-shirt though.hatsI hope you've enjoyed this post, I had such a good time. I rarely post photo's up as you know from other photographers but i know Laurenz wont mind ;) heres a picture of me belting it around the track!! meoh if anyone was wondering, Track went great ;)Check back soon for Japfest UK Write up & Some more features of the car's from Holland! Thanks guys ! :)