JAF 2012 Part 1......

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Last year, when I went over to Holland, the show was the main reason I went. This year however, it was just another marker in my calender.

The night before the show, I left the Efella/Petroworks photo shoot from the track around 9pm, I hadn't eaten all day apart from the worst tasting sausage roll I've ever consumed in my entire life from a petrol station whilst on the way to shoot Lex's EG. (Which can be seen here: Click) So I removed my car from the car park of the hotel, and set off into one of the local villages to find some food, I would have settled for McDonald's, but once again my short temper got the better of me and I abandoned the Toyota on the side of the road whilst I went to fetch Thai food. This store was tiny, real back ally looking shit hole but I'd made the move meaning I was now in the store, I had to accept my consequences and walked towards the till, (i'm not a religious man, but I was praying someone in this Dutch/Thai take out could speak English) thankfully the owner of the place could (slightly), I'm not sure where he was from as he certainly wasn't Thai but we worked out what I wanted to order by identifying colours on my wallet haha they also had put plastic knife & fork in the bag, which without this act of kindness I may have had a breakdown en route back to the hotel upon realising that I had no cutlery.

My evening story doesnt end there, as I pull back up to the secure parking of the hotel, which is the ONLY reason I stay there for their almost extortionate rates per night. I see some red flashing light above the ticket machine, this not only confused me but made me feel that feeling you get when your favourite sports team misses the oportunity to win in the dying seconds of a game. That horrible rush of disappointment rushing through you when you realise that you are doomed to still not eating. I dumped the Toyota outside and walked in through the main doors, to speak to some smiley dickhead who seemed to be super happy to tell me that their shitty car park was full and that I would have to park in "BC down the road Sir". Its pitch black, at about 10:30pm by now, its windy & raining, not to mention how hungry I was and now I have to go find BC down the road.

After unhinging the large glass door with my foot on the way out of the hotel lobby, I strolled back to the Toyota, half tempted to just drive through their crappy gate, I went on the hunt for BC Down the road. Wherever the hell this was!! after 20 minutes of driving around I decided to head to the sea front to try parking down there.  As I drive past the front of the hotel I see some Citroen that had parked over 2 spaces, the temptation to ram it with the Toyota rushed through me like spicy Indian curry but I managed to control my initial anger and carry on to the sea front, which I did manage to get a space, but I do not speak any other language than English,  I wish I could, but I cant. I stood at this machine for a good 15 minutes in ridiculously strong winds attempting to get a ticket before I decided to just leave a note saying "I'm English and cannot understand your machine, please don't tow my car, here is my number, I'll come and pay" on my Dashboard. Only to be told by the pleasant lady in the office that parking was free until 10AM the next morning. Which made my mood wonderful. Thankfully, the evening ended ok, Family Guy, South Park & new Jersey shore was on the television, all in english & the food was great haha.

Last year, we were spoilt with unbelievable weather. It was so hot people were walking around like it was Venice beach, tops off, girls in bikini's. Everyone just living the Dutch modified car enthusiast ( I use that term lightly) dream. This year however, I was wearing 3 layers and a massive coat, stupidly wore a cap which led to me holding onto it most of the damn morning.

JAF is hosted at Zandvoort race track, it is a bit like any show when it boils down to it & there arnt many shows I can honestly imagine I'd walk around on my own and enjoy. Which is why I am thankful I have made the dutchs friends I have, these that morning were all very busy on making sure their cars were all clean, their stands organised etc etc. By pure luck, Tegboy (click for Tegboys EK9) and his now fiance (congrats guys!) were both over to visit some friends and to see the show, so I had one of my origonal shit car show friends with me to critise and laugh at all the crap cars, and also analyse all the awesome ones whilst watching some track action. I'm going to put a few parts up for the shows, around 90 images have been edited,  so I will try getting a couple of posts up to show everything in detail.

Upon my arrival to the show, I went to find the Petroworkz pit box to see Jeroen for a brief catch up and  he had organised for me to take pictures of the Showoff Imports DC5. (Click here to see full feature)

dc5 show off

Next to them, were the Dragon Performance Drift guys (Who are also from England)


Last year, I managed to get a few snaps of this motul replica 3rd Gen Civic, it looks & sounds so good going around the track. (Click here for pictures from last year...)


Another English car in the form of a GTR. Lined up with the R33 skylines..



This Evo X is another one of the Showoff Import car's. Being one of the official Rota distributors most of their car's do rock those said Alloys..

show off Evo

Another Showoff Imports car, this time a Lexus IS. Showoff imports are also the soul importer to NL of the Ultra Racing products ..


Rising Sun Performance's pit box had a pretty heavy line up of Honda power, you can't see but behind the DC5 sat a fully track prepped lime green S2000 Race car.

NSx rsp pit

Lex pulled up to the show in his EG (click for full feature) and just after popping his hood to show of that incredibly neat bay, a crowd had gathered. This car truly is a work of art and many people throughout the day stopped by to appreciate the work you rarely get to see in person.


Lex eg

Cobra suspension (Cannot comment if these are good quality or not, as I'd never heard of them before) bought two german tanks to the show to show off their products, may have seemed slightly out of place around all the Japanese cars at a Japanese show but both Mini's were rather impressive.

cooper s

clubman rear

clubman front

R33 Skyline, not my favourite shape but this one looked good in Red with the polished Rota's.

Skyline R33 red

Even though my time with a 350Z was brief, I still like these car's. I just found owning one very un-inspiring. They still look nice. One thing I did notice in Holland is they do love a fake wheel. This 350z convertible is on some rather large fake BBS LM's.


Time Attack Scooby, wide arches bolted on. Looked very agressive.


2 of the Honda's participating in the time attack. Saw quite a lot of JDM Dc2's over in Holland.

DC2 & civic

Once again another non Japanese car at the Japanese Auto festival, but this one was brought along by the wheel manufacture Varrstoen. It sounded awesome going around the track.


This Skyline R34 was also there with Varrstoen. Seen with their TE37 styled wheels


Eric was on show with Efella once again (Day Trippin feature last year!) with the freshened up alloys his car still looked great.


It's fair to say the Dutch represent the JDM imported vehicles pretty well, all in they didnt miss out one of the JDM type R's. This FD2 was also on show with Efella.


Full Car tunings EK's Engine bay..

Ek bay

It's also fair to say, the dutch can also love a bit of rice. This Civic coupe, with a DC5 front & a prelude rear end was very well put together to be fair, with a really nice paint finish to it also. As always not missing out with the fake wheels. Even though its not my thing, Tegboy and I spent a fiar amount of time being mind fucked by it. Still, even though it looked pretty awful I can appreciate some guy loves this thing.


prelude rear

Like I said, they love a dish of rice..


Also, Hyundai's were also on show here at the Japanese Auto Festival. I have no idea why, they, to be fair to them are building some nice cars now their company has some money behind them, but I cant say that about this catastrophe. I don't understand why at a show where they are very limited to space anyway & most honda clubs having to park beyond the public car park - which I never even got around to see!!, that these bloody horrible cars are allowed prime parking space near the track?


highanddry rear

Supercharged MX5 was on show opposite the Hyundai's area, bringing a small part of humanity back to the show.


For me the next club I got around to was very interesting. I had never seen one of these Lancers before, which is obviously what the Mitsubishi Evo has evolved from. nice little bit of history.



This is the end of Part 1. Il get Part 2 Sorted as soon as I can, but at the minute, England seems to be having its Summer now. we may not have this sun much more this year as you can appriciate so I am trying to enjoy that as much as possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope you check back soon. Feel free to leave a comment...

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