JAF 2012 Part 2

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Carrying on from part 1 of my JAF coverage, Jeroen had organised for me to have a media jacket, which got me trackside for a lot of the track action. This was so awesome of him as he didn't have to do anything for me haha. This part will be all of the track shots I got, I will conclude the event in the next part !

OMI Performance had a couple of nice looking Civic's competing in the time attack...

omi red

Rising Sun Performance owner Tonny was also competing in a time attack class in his S2000...


Tonny 2

Arnold in his Civic leading his competition... note the large 6two1 sticker on the rear wing!


Side view of Arnold..


Blue EG6 ...

blue Eg

Once again the Motul replica Civic...


Evo seemed a serious piece of kit...


The Honda's were out in force on track, this EF was looking great going round..


A DB8 (4 Door DC2 Type R) not to many of these around so it was cool to see one in the track environment !

dc2 4dr

The Varrstoen Ferrari I mentioned in the previous post..


Another Varrstoen Car, R33 Skyline GTR with a R34 Front end...


The Drift guy's were also given their time, now I decided to take a wander into the out of bounds zone because, we'll I got bored. As I ventured round, I met a dude filming the drifting for Motors TV. I had a chat with him as he was also English before carrying on my way futher round the track. As I found a pretty awesome spot for pictures, this old man in an orange jacket in a little box started shouting at me in Dutch, I just replied that I was English & that if he wanted a response he'd have to also speak English or he may aswell be shouting at the cars as they go past. He continued to shout, and say I wasnt wearing a jacket, which I was but I knew full well what he ment as I walked past a sign saying NO BLACK JACKETS PAST THIS POINT. But I had ignored it as I wanted to explore and see what other images I could potentially get, after being shouted at for about 5 minutes and pointed in the wrong direction (I have been blessed with a pretty awesome ammount of common sense & when this funny guy and his stupid little orange jacket started pointing me the wrong way around the track, I decided to ignore him and go the way I had entered) I found my way back to where I had initially started and also at that point, the drift guys started getting sideways. Now this is the first time in a long time that I had taken pictures of the drifters, it was pretty cool. I hope to get a long to more drift events.

bmw 1

Pretty awesome Monster energy/Varstoen 350Z


This guy whoever he is, is what I'd imagine I'd be like if I had a drift car, he just continually did ridiculously long burnouts. My kinda dude. I got another picture of it il post as I get to it...

white skyline

The pink RX8..






Pink S15 from the UK

pink s15

Another of the RX8. It really suits the Pink.


That burnout I mentioned...


After the drifting I believe it was the higher class of the time attack that headed out onto the track.

Brian O'Connor showed up...


Rising Sun's DC5


Showoff Imports DC5 going H.A.M


Pretty sure this was an English car too..


This Evo was unbelievable. Also a UK Car.


Impact Civic imported from Japan which was also in the time attack...


German Engineering.


I hope you've enjoyed the track coverage. Will post part 3 closing the show & my weekend! Thanks for reading!

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