JAF 2012 Part 3.

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Part 3 of the JAF Coverage, leading on from the track action and heading more so back to the show.. the only regret I had from the show was not going over to the other area where more Honda clubs were parked up. I completely forgot that section was even there. It wasnt to far away but it just completely slipped my mind, I have no real excuse other than I forgot to visit it..

This Evo pictured below was another English car, it was beautiful. I have a huge thing for orange cars ever since my orange FN1



Slammed Charade GTI, looked really cool.

low dh

Suzuki Swift Race car


Really neat bay tucked away in the mist of the riced out field of cars. Really liked the colour combo & even the rocker cover was had a sweet design.


APE garage's EG Race car with center exit exhaust.


This remote control EG was wizzing around, stopped just long enough for me to get a picture


Evo pictured on the track yesterday...


Redbick Racing were kind enough to let me in their garage with my camera whilst they prepped their time attack car currently pushing 750bhp but with capabilities of a lot higher power if they wanted too....

side rear


wid rer


Even the engine bay has been tucked and sprayed....

engine bay

Set of Carbon Fibre wheels for when the RE30's tyres are not applicable



front garage


S14 on SSR polished split rims..


Yellow wideboy Supra...


Full Car Tunings display...


Efella 300zx


Dav from Endless Horizon giving his jordan the once over once he arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon.. lol better late than never..


His Engine bay freshly completed now with Turbo...


Petroworkz Stand....

eg petrowokz

As everyone was packing up, I headed back to my hotel to relax to some Family guy, I had an awesome view of a beautiful sunset over the ocean, it really topped off my awesome weekend.


I still have a few more posts from my Holland trip which include the Foodstrip meet & also a few more photo shoots I did of a Brown EK, Arnolds EK & Dimers NSX. Also I have a summary of my whole trip. All of this is to come over the next couple of weeks, after that, it will be the Eibach Meet coverage.

Thanks for checking the updates again, I hope you have enjoyed them..

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