James Cameron's Avatar Movie

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So, Avatar?...nullOne of the lads, called Daryl rings me after a Long heavy night of drinking and partying , saying When are we going to see it?..I Suggested That night, so it was set, that in mind, my car was about an inch from the floor, and the ice had Hardened in the middle of each lane, it was a struggle getting there, but that’s another story.So we hit up the 3D version of the Film, and i do not regret it one bit, i went into the film thinking it might be a bit like Gaylo (halo) or something, But nope!It was epic, the Graphics, i have to start with these, Are breath taking, the way they have built that other world! the film takes you there, its so believable I couldn’t get over it, the colours used are fantastic!The Story itself, is intense, as the main character Jake Sully played by Sam Worthington Starts off as a stand in wheel chair bound marine, for his dead brother as there DNA is the common denominator which makes the Avatar work. following his Journey was very enjoyable, dynamic and makes your emotions flow with him, and the rest of the Na’vi clan.Sigourney Weaver is fantastic in it too. Her humor is brilliant, witty and laugh out loud funny.The Story obviously has its down points, like how long the film is, it did drag on a bit, BUT saying that, It does entrap you in the film, and I don’t think i saw anyone leave to go to the toilet in the showing we were in now that is saying something!!!This film is brilliant, im not smart enough to review films in depth, but all i can give you is a real world explanation, of how i saw it. Now i would recommend this film to anyone!!null