Japfest 2010.

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So Japfest 2010, I was sooo up for this show! Chippenham ! Awesome thats only like an hour from my house! paid for tickets & space on the stand, guarenteed Honda Culture i would be there showing with them, Then i found out that england has 2 Chippenhams. yeah TWO! Brilliant, So i googled the place that it was actually at (Castle Coombe race track) and then found out it was nearly a 4 hour drive from my bloody house. NON RESULT!Thankfully, through Honda's i have made some very good mates all around the country and Tegboy said i could crash at his to save me a few hours!6two1Booked the Friday off work so i could Clean my car up and get all ready for the weekend....but I decided id do Flack's photoshoot (see below this feature) for him instead, Which left me with one option....Let the Homebase guys loose on it! haha. So after that i missioned it to the middle of no-where to Tegboys home and started to chill out there, he was just sorting out how his car was sitting as the body was cutting through tyres before, he then set about cleaning it ready for the show.cleaninTegboy cleaningTe37Ek9 blurSo, After an early-ish night, you'd have thought staying at your mates house would equal no problems?nah not for me, the night before we'd had indian round his friends house, and id managed to leave my fricken keys on the counter in there house! BRILLIANT, so its 5am and we are waking up these poor guys because id left my keys there! Haha Woops! my bad.Anyway we head off and met up with the rest of the MK Based HC Crew & had a breakfast consisting of Monster Energy Drink & Fruitella's (best sweets)Ek9 in the morningAfter the couple of hours cruise down, we headed to a superstore for the final meeting place where the rest of the Hc guys were meeting us. We should have been leaving at 8:15, we ended up leaving at about 9....Which was a baaaad choice! a non avoidable one though as we had to wait for a few members.MeetingThis is why it was a bad choice..:Que2 and Half hours it took to do about 5 miles, i honestly was nearly about to smash my face off my dashboard, being passenger-less for this show to was borrrring!! ohwell! We did pass through a village that had a really funny name though, well i found it funny. called Tiddleywink. hahahah!!! Unfortunately Tegboys car started smoking in the line and got some form of cancer so he decided to take the turn and go home to find out what it was.BUT finally, we did get to the show & it was worth the wait!EGit was so busy, So so so so so so busy, and who the feck's idea was it to make coombe so big? I dont think i even walked around the hole place! huuuuuge.Accordyellow itr200'syellow evoaccordIt was a great day, wont be seeing the guys untill my trip over to USA is done and dusted now! going to be a longgg time! but had a really good day out with the honda culture lot, the convoy was sick! The cars at the show were sick! awesome day out and so glad the weather lasted! got a Free Tan so that was a result! hahaNSXEvoSkylineNSXrx7Some amazing cars were on show theres no doubt about it!!Dc5H22k20del solbackHonda Cultures forum is online now, so check it out.www.hondaculture.com