Steven Wisternoff's JDM Pheonix Yellow Honda Integra DC2 Type R (K SWAP)

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When I first turned my attention to producing my own line of suspension, I had 3 cars in my head that If I could get all 3 of those on the coilovers, it would be a small personal achievement for me, as even though I have to think of the product sales side as, well, business.. I am still a Honda enthusiast that gets super over excited when I see a sick car. I had my personal top 3, and now, finally I can say all 3 are on my 6TWO1 Coilover kits.In no order: The 3 Cars were :Simon Bucknells DC5 Type R Racecar.Simon BJames Tylers K24 EGJames Tyler and Steven Wisternoff's DC2.K20 DC2 RearI had been speaking with Steve for a while about coilovers, by speaking I mean trying my best to persuade him to swap out his old, worn out coilovers for some of our fresh, 6TWO1 Coilovers.I had wanted the guys at Stretton MOT Centre to be dealers for our products for a while, so I headed up there for a weekend not just for business but to be able to chill out with them and have some down time too. I've known them for a couple of years now and they've become close friends too me. Before I headed up I put a set of coilovers in the boot of my DC5 and off I went....UJ UJ modeling our beanie... I knew putting them under Steven's nose he wouldnt resist fitting them...DC2 up on rampDC2ColdCompletely forgot how cold it could get up North and the weather steamed up my lense. I thought it looked pretty fancy though.After the guys spent a few hours making sure they were all set up, we put the wider SE37's on the front of the car too to improve the stance..Steven Steve giving the car a wipe down...DC2EngineK20 Sat proud in the bay...RearLove how the car sits on the coilovers, I know how much he will enjoy how they perform too..PhotosDC2Back at one point, this car was a Importers demo car, which hosted a Mugen bodykit along with a host of other impressive parts..for which it was stripped down when they no longer required the car's use anymore. One of their employees couldn't bare to see the car go to the scrap yard with it being a Genuine PY DC2 so he started to rebuild it. Steven then bought the car off of him and continued to bring the car even more into the spotlight... I for one am very glad this car did not meet its maker !Photo Love this photo..RearHarnessesI had took a bunch of the new stock down to show the guys too, one being the Harnesses we have now launched. I showed him the yellow and He said to fit some for photos, which I thought was a good idea. I ended up not bringing them back with me as he decided after checking them out in person, he had to have them in the car. Stoked! as they look incredible... HarnessHarnessHarnessHarnessesI love how the Yellow looks against the Yellow body! its perfect. Click the photos to link you to the harnesses !ReacoBlog And that is the end of this blog! I hope you've enjoyed the photos!Are you considering getting a set of our 6TWO1 Coilovers & joining our fold? Check them out here: // questions please contact us, or 01206865544We can also offer Finance on orders over £250!Check out the video I made of the day too...Thank you again !