Keeping it simple.

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As the title says, I was going to try and think of something witty, clever or funny, but it makes sense to just keep this one as simple as it gets.


Paul Curry helped me out recently by contacting me with 2 awesome car's that I could feature for Total Honda Magazine - (Out 23rd Feb). Paul works at Hendy Performance, he used to have a supercharged DC5 Type R stripped, caged etc all fully built. But he sold that and opted for this EK9 Type R as his new toy.

Silver front right

Whilst I was down, I had said to Paul I'd also get some pictures of his car for the fact that he had arranged a lot of the weekend for me, the car is absolutely pristine. I have never seen a more honest out the box example of an Ek9, everything was spotless.


Silver is normally a colour that I really feel is missed out on a lot now due to peoples pre-conceived attitudes towards it. They get all on their high horse about it being boring and just turn their nose up at it, I Guarantee if one of those people were to take 5 minutes and look at Pauls EK9 they'd have a different perspective on the colour.


I, before purchasing my new DC5 had considered a Silver DC5 myself, only being put off of the one I had planned to go and see by being told it was a wasted journey as the car wasnt as honest as being made out in the advert. So thats why I ended up in my white one. But I would seriously consider a silver Type R in the future after spending time around Paul's.


There is just something about EK9's, I personally cannot put my finger on it. Maybe its the pedigree behind the car, the history as such, I just love them and being able to be around one in such good condition was refreshing, I know from my own hardships with my current heap of a DC5 that they are so hard to maintain properly with the JDM as FUCK arch rust that loves to bubble & constant pain in the arse crappy paint Honda put on them but, Paul's really is a great example. If it ever popped up for sale in the future I'd be keen (given the circumstantial) to jump into it.



As far as car & owner go, couldn't have asked for a better pairing, I'm very grateful for the help in setting up the shoots of the Supercharged DC5 & the Spoon S2000 for Total Honda, as all of the guys have been very helpful and patient and all come very last minute for me to do the shoots. I hope you all enjoy the pictures in the magazines & enjoy the pictures of Pauls ek9 on here.


Im always on the look out for cars to shoot, if you have a Clean Car, it doesn't have to be a Honda, or even Japanese, but, if you have a car, with a Story, shoot a couple of images over to me at Always up for a day out. Worst i can say is, "Not at the minute!" So yeah, Thank's for reading. Thank you for checking back. Remember to put your names down for the 6TWO1 Meet at Ace Cafe in September, Facebook group here;

6TWO1 At Ace Cafe - September 2012Thanks once again! Im off snowboarding in a week and the snow locally means I haven't really got anything to take pictures of or update for a few weeks, so may be quite quiet. So I'll see you guys soon!Aj