Koen's track focused EK4 Saloon

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So this one is back from my trip to Holland earlier in the year, whilst the PETROWORKZ Guys were preparing their stand for the JAF Show the next day, I was lucky enough to chill with the ILOVEMYEK.com crew.

One of the car's I grew quite fond of was this track ready JDM B16B swapped EK4 saloon. There is not an abundance of these floating around with the sort of speck list that this one has and normally I lack a little bit on the spec list part, this time I actually asked the owner Keon to write me a full list of what it's got so you can really get a feel to how much effort has been put into it.


Koen Bought the car a couple of years ago. Completly standard & full of all the luxuary extra's like Air con, Cruise-control, Airbags, full leather interior, everything that is perfect for a daily driver & this was his initial plan! To have a nice daily car & Leave it pretty much standard.


I said "WAS" his initial plan, like everyone that puts one little toe into the Honda modifying scene, the bug got him and what you see presented on here is the current point in this long process & I'll quote him on this "Far from done!"


Every modification you see on the car, has been done by himself from the Swapped "99" B16b, the wire tuck & the bolt on's for them extra horses.

bonnet up

The Engine bay has been fully resprayed in a custom grey-ish color, the headlight harness have been tucked behind the front wings &the battery relocated to the right side in front of the wheel to clean that engine bay up & add extra subtlety.


Koen also did a brake-line tuck,and did a custom fuel line set-up with a earls plumbing filter.

After the initial engine work had been done, he set out on the interior. Fitting some fixed bucket's, stripping out the rear & Flocking the dash. I Love flocked dashes.


Sticking with the EK9 theme after fitting the B16B, he then put EK9 sized brakes on the car & a brake disc conversion on the rear., but wanting to stay with the original 4 lug set up for the wheels.

side track

You will also probably notice the Spoon caliper's which were added not just to looking crazy sick but to also improve the breaking. In all honestly, Spoon calipers could do jack shit & I'd probably still buy a set when I can afford them, they've just got such a hard presence.


I had fun chilling with Koen & the ILOVEMYEK Crew. Check out their forum here : CLICK! I hope they liked my company too as I will hopefully be over with them guys again for the show next year.

on track 2


-rvs mid pipe -rvs 2.5 inch test pipe -rvs 4-1 Header 2.5inch -ek9 pookhoes -ek9 red carpet (cut in half) -ek9 carbon gauge bezel -Leather full bucket seats on custom rails -MoMo steering wheel Hub -D2 Snap-off -BuddyClub Racing Spec coil-over set -BuddyClub Racing Spec LCA's -BuddyClub Racing wheel nuts -asr subframe brace -st swaybar rear -Enkei rpf01 wheels 16x7j -bridgestone potenza re 050A -Energy suspesion masterkit red -ARP extended wheel studs -ITR Oem airbox -ITR Goodridge brakelines -ITR Ferrodo ds2500 brake pads -ITR rear brake calipers and brackets -ITR Brake master cylinder -ITR Brake booster -Tegiwa Brake stopper -Nitrac 260mm 4x100 rear brakediscs -Nitrac 282mm 4x100 front brakediscs -spoon sports steering wheel -spoon sports windshield banner -spoon sports resevoir covers -spoon sports twinblock brake calipers -spoon sports street type muffler -spoon sports Drop in Filter DC2 -spoon sports duracon shift knob -spoon sports front upper tower bar -spoon sports rear upper tower bar -spoon sports mark decals -spoon sports radiator stay -spoon sports coolant hoses -spoon sports front lower tie bar -spoon sports spark plug wires -spoon sports oil cap -spoon sports thermostat -spoon sports fan switch -spoon sports kevlar spark cover -spoon sports magnetic drain bolts -spoon sports radiator cap -spoon sports cam sprocket's -Toda cam belt -Blox 68mm throttle body -Edelbrock performerX intake -intake thermal heatshield -Stage 2 competition clutch -Fidanza 3,4kg lightweight flywheel -Aem black fuel rail -Innovate engine mounts -SRR coolant resevoir -Mishimoto alu radiator -Mishimoto slim fan -Odysee PC680 battery -R-developments ALU battery tray -R-developments Flocked dash -Earls plumbing fuel-line and filter -Automatic safety fuse -new axles -hamp oil filter -new waterpump -new windshield -HKS spark-plugs -1ltr 'small' windshiel fluid tank -black tow-hooks -Custom wired engine harness -J's racing carbon canards -ARC EK9 bumper splitter's -Boot-lid spoiler from a bmw E46

Plans in the near future: -Hankkook z214 Semi's 225/45/15 (ready. for fitment) -15x8 wheels,havent decided which -wide custom fenders(to clear tire's) -Custom rollcage -4-point seat-belts -Different wing,and some other 'Aero' mods -Lexan window-kit And a lot more...