Lex's K20 EG.

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As 6TWO1 & I have evolved simulationously over the last year, I made it my goal that when I was over in Holland for the 2nd time that I would get much more detailed shoots of the cars I really thought of a "MUST" whilst I was there, as after checking back at the 2011 coverage,  I felt it was rushed, not enough images, not showing enough detail. I look back over it and I am not happy with the coverage. I try to present to you, coverage I am happy reading back over and Holland 2011, looking back over it,  I wasn't happy, but I didn't know what I know now, so I am hoping that the remaining 2012 Holland coverage I have surpasses what everyone is expecting.
For a couple of months leading up to my trip, I'd been in contact with Alex Heinje, or Lex as he is more commonly known within the various Honda forums he is on.
I have followed his car for a long time, much longer than I even realised. I remember seeing images of it with the Backyard special spoiler & on BBS RM's and it sat right. I've also been following his NWP Thread for as long as I've been on those forums (it will take you a lifetime to go through also at 316 pages currently!!), so I knew that this car was one I had to take the trip to whilst over there.
I met up with Lex shortly after his shoot he was having for an American Magazine, in a legal grafitti site which doubles up as a urban football (Soccer) pitch, basketball court & a skate park  which allowed for a large amounts of various places to take pictures in so it would not be anything like the magazine shoot. The back story of Lex's EG is fascinating too,  I genuinely was surprised when we chilled out at JAF the next day and he gave me the full run down of the car.  Normally,  I wouldn't do a full in-depth feature, as they do take me so long to do, normally I leave those for the magazines I write for, but this time I really want to, so you guys can get a real incite to this car.
It truly is one of my favourite Honda's I've had the pleasure of shooting.
Lex is no stranger to Honda's. in the last 11 years he has seen his way through 12 Crx's, 1 Ef and a Shuttle along with an array of other brand cars from Volkswagen, Toyota and Opel also preceded the Eg. In fact, before he purchased the Civic, the EG shape was his least favourite, he even used the words "Hate" to describe how he felt towards those of this chassis.
The opportunity arose for him to purchase the EG as a daily drive from his close friends. The car had a end goal of nothing, just a daily car to do the commute to work and back in that he wouldn't touch for any modifications, so he put his previous hatred aside and purchased the car off a friend of his.
This plan however never came to fruition, 5 years have passed since he decided to purchase the car that he truly didn't want and this EG has seen some of the most desired guises this chassis can host.front rightFrom Spoon to J's Racing, then on to Back Yard Specials this car has seen a variety of the highest quality and most sort after lip and spoiler pairings you can get your hands on. He also explained to me the utter turmoil he went through trying to get hold of a Mugen front spoiler, which he eventually did get, around 1200 euros later, upon receiving it, through numerous hidden charges from port handling fee's, he had already had enough of it so has just left it currently in his attic until he can brave looking at it again.rearOut of his whole selection though, the Back yard special combination lips are his favourite.bysThe detail and weave on the pairing is remarkable, a very high quality of workmanship is put into each item.
rear angle
The inital hated of EG's has turned into a love affiar that has seen a good 5 years of Lex's life now. His personal favourite feature of his hatch is the incredibly clean bay with a customer rocker cover from one of the "Seen it" Crew dudes from America, the K20 swap with the super tucked bay.bayYou can also see a Chase Bays engine harness which lex swears by, even though it is pricey, Lex has said it is one of his most important modifications to the car.
The K20 wasn't the EG's first engine swap it saw though. Originally starting life as a humble D15, which in Holland is the lowest spec engine you can find, Lex swapped it out for a D16 swap. This didn't last long though, approximately around a year, Lex was itching for more power, real Vtec and a bay that would hold it with the best you can find even in America. The K20 with Smooth bay too a year and a half to complete, but as they say, Rome was not built in a day.
bay openLex has never been a fan of the fully stripped look, even though a lot of his influences are from track cars, he loves a more comforting interior in his EG.Opting for the always faithful, DC2 Type R Recaro's with the Takata Harnesses recarosSpoon Steering wheel.. spoonCustom Lex Creations Cage.. cagecage
The Denji headlights, also a very sought after modification were actually a gift from a fellow Honda enthusiast who Lex had become friendly with through the NWP4Life forums, all lex had to pay was the shipping and fees and he landed himself a mind set of the Denji's for his project. Also pictured here with a JDM parking pole.
Being a self proclaimed wheel whore, lex has seen many sets of rims, his BBS splits was what initially caught my eye all those years ago. Now he is currently rocking a set of  rh zw1 2 piece 17x8, the 17s are an irregular size for an EG, but they do not look out of place. The reason for the 17s is that these are the only sized wheels he could get over his massive StopTech big brake kit.
You may also notice, the Carbon fibre side skirts, these were initially off of an Ek Coupe that an American serviceman who was stationed in Holland near Lex had on his coupe, Lex traded with him for the side skirts and then proceeded right infront of the previous owner to start chopping them up to custom fit his hatch.
side skirtsBenen front tow hook...tow hook
I genuinely am very proud that I got to shoot its car with Lex still being the current owner. As with all good things, they do normally come to an end and with Lex, he has now bought a house that he is completely trashing and re-building. The bloody guy loves a project, Honda or House.wideBut I am also glad to say, he has other car projects on, so as this one was almost as complete as it was ever going to be with him, he can move on, sort his house out and then proceed with his Mk4 Supra that he wants 800Bhp out of and also his CRX D16 Turbo build he also has in the works, but I can guarantee you he will never ever be able to forget the love of other enthusiasts and companies from around the world that managed to make this EG what it has become. A Dutch Icon.


backyard wing + lip
spoon wing + lip
j.s wing  + lip
carbon hood
denji headlights
oem fogs
oem parking pole
benen tow hook
oem power folding mirrors
ek seibon carbon side skirts
spoon wheel
red dc2 recaro's
lc roll bar
lc x bar
eg6 full interior
takata harnesses
jdm coin and cup holder
eg6 cluster
carrosoria tweeters
gathers rear speakers
mugen pedals
k tunes shifter setup
kw v3
stop tech big brake kit
sway bars all round
function 7 control arms
pu bushing set
lc x bar
d2 rear camber kit
buddyclub front camber kit
wheels rh zw1 2 piece 17x8
rbc intake
hr pink ribbon fuel rail
competition clutch 6 puck
chasebays clutch line
k tuned header
k tuned shifter plate
hasport mounts
hasport axles
chasebays mil spec wire harness
chase bays mil spec plate
custom fuel kit
boltboys spiked nut kit
boltboys tucked brake line kit
hr shifter cables
2.5 inch custom exhaust
hr conversion harness
rsx shifter unit
mishimoto radiator
lc custom rad stay
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