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advert for coiloversBacktrack to Honda Day 2013. I met a very kind man called Angel, who saved my hearing by giving me some ear plugs as we stood next to the race track.Shortly after, he invited me down to his photography studio, to let me check out his profession, his skill and his talent, whilst also showing me some expert tips and tricks when it comes to photography - DPI CREATIVEA few months passed and I got an email asking if I would like his set of Wekfest pictures, he had no where to post them & I obviously hadn't been to the show so I said sure! Due to work being so busy, I havnt had the chance to post these along with many other photos I yet have to release, but it seems that us Internet bloggers get a hard time, where as if these were going into a Magazine, posting them this late would be a norm. But hey thats the way the world works, so heres a look back at Wekfest. There are over 70 pictures, so below are a batch of my favourites with a link to the flickr at the bottom for the rest.Hope you enjoy! Civic Em1 on Klutch WheelsCoupeReally clean EK on CE28n's, Spoon Brake calipers, Spoon Mirrors & a host of other very appealing parts.... ekEK9 Type R on Regamaster Evo's with a Seeker V2 Spoiler... Beautiful! ek9Absoultly stunning M3. Inside you can see the Bride racing seats, exterior BBS RM's... m3Looks like the half bonnet trend has made its way to the Dub's too ora Stunning Muller Porsche, Sat on the Work Meister S1 3 Piece wheels with the classic colour scheme porscheadvert for coiloversThoughts on this? Accord tourer, right hand drive on Work Equip wheels. Would love to know more about this, if its a conversion or actually a Honda Accord Tourer ! accrdBeautiful. A Yellow NSX on Work Meister S1's.... nsxAnother show stopper, the Green NSX on TE37's I got some pictures of at Wekfest.. nsxI believe Canibeat Dave Tormey has built & owns this beautiful S2000... S2kadvert for coiloversThink if this had the clear indicators it would be spot on! Love the stance.. bmwLove this S15 on orange Enkei NT03s... S15My Favourite car from the Coverage I have, Kyle Crawfords EF9 Civic, fitted with Bride seats, Chargespeed front lip, Status racing Harneses, Osaka Jdm spoiler...beautiful J Swapped EG...egWell spec'd CRZ, Spoon Engine braces can be seen too, we can supply a lot of the parts on this car! Get in touch if you're interested.. crzthrough the fisheye... ekadvert for coiloversGoing to bring this post to a close with this amazing DC2.... dc2Please see the rest of the Photos here : WEKFEST PHOTOS ON FLICKRThank you for viewing! See you with more 6TWO1 Exclusive's soon! advert for coilovers