Maitland's Golf GTi

Post by adminsdd 01/12/2009 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,
So, like i said, this blog isn't just going to be Honda, <3 its going to be many many things, Like volkswagen!One of my good mates Maitland, bought a Mk4 Gti back in... early 2008, just when i first met him in fact, and since then, he's turned it into a very predominant car in the Volkswagen scene, Every time i speak to him, there's something new on it, or bought for it to go in it, this is a small section for it, as the pictures i took were back in July 09 time, when i was really just starting out with my DSLR, So i've re-visited the picture's re-edited them with the new tricks i've learnt, and i'll see him again once his new bits and pieces are all sorted, and the weathers a bit nicer!null null nullMuch much more to come on this in the future........ keep tuned in!