Maitlands Mk4 GTi

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MaitlandMaitland was kind enough to put up with me for a weekend so i was able to go with him to GTi Spring fest At Santa Pod Race way last weekend (10-11th April) So i drove up to his house in the middle of No-where and almost as soon as i got there we were out finding place's too shoot his car.Since the last time ive featured it, its gone through some change's.The Car now sits lower, with the stance that it didnt have before from the help of spacers, makes the car sit more flush on its amazing Tech-Art porsche 3 piece splits.sickAlso, its had a Full interior Retrim, consisting of recaro's out of an Evo 6 with the backs flocked, Flocked Cage (first one ive ever herd of let alone seen!) and a few other flocked bits within the car, the Re-trim is a Full blood red Leather trim done at Trimstar just down the road at Me based in Manningtree. With custom stiching through out the seats. It really does look brilliant. Also with new Gear knob and leather'd everything it really has become somthing rather special.RedddCAGEFlocked back of RecaroHe also has changed the rear Bumper, which brings the styling of the car together perfectly.Maitlands rearmaitlands rear againMaitlands golfonce We did the shoot, Maitland and I got a quick drink at the local maccy D's as we had earnt it (yeah right) parked up just discussing how i was going to do the interior pictures, when a couple of Chavs (frickin scallys to the americans that cant understand that word) pulled up next to us, now to be honest I didnt hear much of what they were staying, but this is the Sort of thing i did hear:"wow i bet you pull bare fanny in dat yer?! innnniittt bruuuu"Chav:"u need to chrome dat cage bruv" Maitland: "It used to be chrome, but its flocked now" Chav: "Looks shit"Chav: "why az it got da cage man u cant get da 5 girlz in tha back its shittt"Chav: "iz it a turbo?" Maitland: "yeah" Chav: "Sickkkkk bruuuvvv, haz it got a dump valve? wastegate? REV IT!" Maitland: *Gentle rev of engine* Chav: "yoooooooooooooooooooooooo cuz dat iz sick yeh!"Chav: "how much iz dis worth? il give u 3Grand now bruv yeah i got 3 grand at home il give u it now"Chav: "lets race cuz ! u gota wana race!"Seriously these fucking morons would not Go away, We eventually got away from the idiots and headed back to are the final cut of my favourite of the pictures, hope other people enjoy them!Maitlands rearpeekaboostance is whack y0 ! :Pbendover blondieSkankApplying 6two1 stickerThank you for viewing