Mateo's Acura TSX - (Honda Accord)

Post by adminsdd 27/10/2012 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,
frontFunnily enough, I saw this car randomly driving through vegas, we stopped next to it at the stop lights so I took a quick image on my iPhone & chucked it on the 6two1 facebook page & instagram.Matoes accordaccordLater that evening when I met up with Chivas, I mentioned the TSX (Sorry if I randomly call it an Accord, as, to me it is one lol, to any USA based readers, the TSX in england is a Honda Accord) to Chivas & he said he was one of his friends and had only just himself worked on the car a couple weeks ago.accrdrearWe headed up to the car meet & Matt (owner of the TSX) was there & once we got booted out from the car park the meet was hosted at, he headed out with us to the underground (which I believe was in Chinatown) so I could get some pictures.accord2wheelThe TSX was origonally purchased 7 months ago for a daily drive as Matt had a 500bhp Evo as a toy, but the purchase of his home ment the evo had to go & the TSX became his main focus.rearThe TSX sits on 18 inch Work Emotion XD9's with a +30 offset originally from his EVO which were bronze, but he chose to have them powder coated white. Matt also had the TSX resprayed, he chose to do because the respray as it got caught up in a hail storm meaning it needed a fresh coat of paint. Insurance paid out for this so a cheque from the hail storm it ment he had some money to chuck towards a different colour.rear 2Euro R Headlights, and an A SPEC Front lip tidy up the front end, whilst a fastline rear lip on the bootlid finishes up the rear.rear shot dead on Was really cool for me to randomly see this driving around during the day and then end up shooting it later in the evening, Matt is also a really cool guy whom I am glad I met whilst on my travels.The lighting in the images you can see a reflection, I cannot edit these out & I'd not used my filter whilst we were down there as I simply forgot. So thats why the green lines are there. but never mind.