Mezurashii -Giovanni's Domani Civic Coupe

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Back with another Mezurashii instalment ! DOWNWTRGiovanni has turned this EJ8 Chassis' into a beautiful show car.Side shotThe Cooper dipped Enkei 92 wheels look awesome against the custom olive green with gold pearl mixed in....Front quaterRear quaterRear at the rear you have the Clear rear clusters! These are so rare because most of the Mezurashii crew buy them ! haha .rearrearI really love the Colour mixed with the Clear tails, think it works great.Rear ClearFrontThe Domani front end for me to see is a bit strange, I don't think I've ever seen this swap done in the UK? I may be wrong but I myself have never seen it. but I do really like the look of it.FrontLove how the carbon fibre hood looked in the sun...FrontFrontbadgeCarbon is so awesome...FrontOrange bayThe engine bay looks awesome with the bright orange finish, especially when paired with the Olive greenohvtecohvetcB18C JDM Motor...Engine bayINteriorEK9 Dials & Steering wheel on the interior..interiorJDM Center ConsoleSeatsRecaro reclinable bucket seats ..WheelSmall run down of the car ... : "ej8 chassis with a Isuzu Gemini from end and rear bumper conversion with head light squirters carbon fiber hood clear tail lights, motor is a Jdm type r full swap with ac, Ctr cluster Ctr steering wheel and Rhd orthia climate control Jdm Ctr carpet si floor matts and type r shift boot mugen shift nob Evo9 mr recaro seats rear em1 rear seats Car is a metallic olive green with a gold glitter. Custom color" I hope you like the photos, we have a few final Mezurashii posts to come.... <a href="//"><img alt="" src="" /></a> <a href="//"><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-11214" alt="DOWNWTR" src="//" width="640" height="217" /></a>