Mezurashii - JSwap Integra DC2

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Chris Speller's J Swapped DC2DOWNWTRI first saw this car at the Honda day show. Couple of things about it grabbed my attention. One, the giant engine in the bay & 2 the wood effect all over the car! I didn't know who the owner was so couldn't speak about it & really thought nothing more of it other than what a unique build it was.Roll on the Monday at the Mezurashii meet up with me for photos & the J-Swapped DC2 Rolled up! Couldnt believe my luck with the amazing cars on show.Normally I'd have a long time at shoots with the owners to get to know them & their car but having 9 cars to shoot all in a time frame we didn't get that. So I can only really comment on the Car as I see it in the pictures now & it has been a fair few months since I did the strong front It was hard to capture in the sun how low this car looks in real life, it has a solid presence, the JDM Front end conversion is a personal choice by the owner as the Integra was available almost world wide with 2 separate front ends allocated to certain continents...DC2sideThe Metallic bronze paint mixed with the carbon fibre add ons really pops in the sun...front quaterWith that huge engine showing through the hood the car looks wild. wheel The Carbon wrap was a middle measure, Chris said he wanted to see how they looked as he was unsure if full carbon wings would ruin the look of the car.rear quaterwheelhandpainted wheelsThe Custom painted Klutch wheels follow the wood effect that is a constant theme on the build, all of which is hand painted !rearrearSome of you who kept watch on my own EG6 build will know I have always loved the clear rear clusters, they are a sought after item stateside...rearReinforcement under the car to keep the power from that engine all in check...spoon signatureThe custom cut carbon hood signed by Mr Spoon Sportsengine 1enigne 2For us europeans this is a hard swap to come across but it's one in America which is still growing in popularity to do, it looks so crazy seeing a huge V6 sat in an Integra !Just a small & Simple photoset but I hope you've enjoyed seeing something Different!Also, Happy new year to everyone !AdamDOWNWTR6two1