Mezurashii June Bugg K24 Accord

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Another Mezurashii Shoot today! DOWNWTRI dont have a whole lot to say about each build as I didn't get to long to spend with each owner as we were blitzing though the shoots, but I hope you still enjoy the photos I got...AccordsideengineK24 Swap.. amazing to see ! The engine is out of a TSX & it is run by a Kpro engine management systemwheel frontThe Sunset bronze custom paint colour looks amazing in the sun!RearrearThe rear of the car lays host to a JDM Rear windscreen with a Wiper blade & window Spoiler also from Japan along with a genuine Mugen trunk spoiler....On the bottom of the bumper, its a wings west Lip...ZeddThe ZEDD Wheels looked awesome.. DOWNWTR Rear upRearmodulo front lipmodulo front lip looks so good, along with the headlights with the black housing... really completes the front end !frontFrontBayEngineAnother view of the incredible bay on this car...InteriorInside the car it has the full leather interior... also note, its a RHD Swap too!WheelZedd Wheels look awesome !light Thank you for looking, I hope you like the Photos...  DOWNWTR97 accord, *paint- sunset bronze *2006 acura tsx k24 motor *Kpro engine management *custom painted valve cover *modulo front lip *wing west rear lip *mugen trunk spoiler *jdm rear windshield with wiper *zedd sl5 wheels 18x9.5 + 12offset *Aztec grill *black housing headlights *clear taillights *intersection bumper lights *rhd converted *digital climate control *oem accord gray leather interior * jdm gathers oem radio *Oem side markers *obx twinloop exhaust *dc sport headers *3 inch straight pipe *function form suspension (just installed airlift air ride suspension) *extended studs and lug nuts *5 lug conversion *s2000 ap2 steering wheel