Mezurashii Mob Rico's DA Integra

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DOWNWTRI've been holding this one back for a while. As I just love this car so much !FrontSideWhat you see here is Rico's JDM DA6 Integra. Its a true JDM Car like his SiR2 that you saw earlier.SideSide onFront wheelThe metallic red paint is as it was the day it left the factory in Japan, even though it has gone through some tough times over in Japan Rico refuses to get the car resprayed as that is how he wants it. Completely original.MezuRearYou can see under the car it has Function 7 LCA's...RearOn the rear, once again we see Clear tail lamps, The MEZURASHII LOVE their clear tail lights, I think thats what we originally got talking about a few years ago!Wood nardiWood Nardi wheel & Shift knob on the interior...Rear angledThe Car is lowered on BC Suspension with custom Air cups...AngledFront againThe car also hosts a Jdp Carbon front lip & Honda Access JDM Parking polehead onLipStickersA Tribute to his Cousin who sadly passed....Roofbonnet fade The paint work I The paint work I explained ...Wheel The car sits on CCW LM16's...SeatsInterior Beautiful Original seats....front angleBootyNardi wood grain steering Nardi wood shift knob Ktuded extended shifter Oem Honda access dash mat Oem Honda access window visors Oem Honda access highrise armrest OEM Honda access Parking pole OEM Honda access 3 piece maskCcw lm16 16x8.5 front 16x9 back Bc coils with custom aircups Function7 lca Jdp carbon fiber lip All orange fender and bumper lights got switch over with JDM clear fender markers and bumper lights to match the rear clear lights. Rare rear clear taillightsDownstar spikes bolts Megan header DOWNWTR