Mimms Honda Day 2014

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advert for coiloversMimms was a staple in the UK honda scene. For the last few years it has been just held at South Mimms car park on the M25. Dav (EHMParts) took the decision to move it to a new location at North Wield airfield in essex, an area which hosts players show & a few others through out the year.For me, this is a good thing, its a lot closer to home. I booked up for a trade stand as we've got some amazing products we can sell now.My friend Harv whom you may recognise from Honda Diaries, said he would help me on the day on the stand, so I repaid him with a 6AM start, we drove to North Wield, tired, grumpy and I had a ganky eye infection (reason why i wore sunglasses all day) from my home near colchester with my Civic strapped on (which I had to get on the trailer at 5:30am in the morning on my own) and my Transit van full of gear!We arrived, got our trade spot and started setting up, I'd bought my camera along for the day expecting to get a few hours where I could walk around and get some snaps for the blog. This didn't happen. Thankfully one of the newest members to our 6TWO1 family Dan Silvester was taking photos & he kindly gave me his photos for the blog.I wanted to write a personal thank you from me to you to everyone who stopped by our stand, we were non stop all day & i was overwhelmed by the whole thing, it was fantastic. your support for us is Unrivalled! and for that I am grateful! Also i wanted to say thank you to Spoon Sports Europe for being on our stand as well.So here are Dan's photos, I will be talking you through them and I will link some more down at the bottom on Flickr! Hope you enjoy!6two1 trade stand, this photo was actually from the end of the day but I wanted to chuck this up first. haha.StandFriend of 6TWO1 and avid Spoon Sports fan Shuthan's Civic is a wonder to behold. His Civic is one of the builds which is leading our scene whether you like it or not. Every single part on this car is straight out of the Spoon Sports catalog now even including Seats!shuthanekSi's Minty EP3 ! looking awesome sat on some big Rotas & i love the mugen style wing!Leon Lamberts amazing EG. This guy comes over from Holland & will also be at OUR show IMPACT TWO14 in June! He has some incredible Hondas & I'm almost heartbroken I didn't get to check this bad boy over whilst it was here. Hoping to see it again in the flesh at my show IMPACT TWO14!LeonTom Walkers S2000 is such a beautiful car. It could be the poster child for KIIS. Keep it simple stupid! White on White looks amazing & his TE37's are the perfect suit for this car & he tracks it!! no fear!S2000Wesley who runs EKGARAGE also joined the Dutch invasion of the show with his beautiful Cwest EK9! Wrapped in the matt blue!WesleyGreat looking SedanSedanAmazing to see this EK on Hydros genuine Backyard Special bumper & a host of other incredible real parts, parked next to the owners Honda Ruckus. They're from the USA I see loads of them out here and it was so cool to see one in the UK the owners name is Parag and he's done a great job capturing the Cali Vibe.Amazing advert for coiloversVery Clean White EKwhite ekGoing through photos that someone else has taken & seeing a car like this makes me so angry that I didnt get to look around, what a stunning OEM+ Example of a EF. Wow.efBeautiful EG which came to Impact last year! he came down early with Hoho was great to see him again.EGStunning EP3 on Advan wheels, with mugen style front! what a beautiful looking car.ep3Big Homie Chris Purr's CRZ on Mugen GP wheels. Harv was trying to shuv a Spoon N1 down his throat but he's got a wedding to pay for so we're letting him off this time...mugenFyse's DC2 ! See that featured earlier in the year on the blog...FysePas from Gentlemen at works' 3G E-at civic, Needs a Osaka JDM wing !! I keep trying to get him to buy one but he wont just yet haha i will keep trying!! beautiful example3gBoltbolts Family EK's Both stunning in their own right.Botls boltsMy favourite would be Aarons. Because CCW are one of my favourite wheel brands. I think they're stunning wheels & on his EK V that colour it is just perfect.boltsboltsBeautiful S2000....S2000Andrew Gardiner's EM1 with the Yellow theme going on looking awesome...Super Clean Black EK9...ek9White EG...EG& Another...EGAlmost see the scale of the event in this picture. Couldnt believe it.EM1Black EG on banded steels with a Camo effect on the lip...EGCool EF Over from Belgium !efBadass EK9 on TE37'sek9Now this looks SICK!! I have no idea who owns it, I have never seen it before but GOD DAMN it looks sickkkkkk!sick fn2Tuan's EK! I bought my Rega's off him a little while backEM1Milano Red UKDM DC2 Rred rThe place was so busy cars were backed up onto the grass area!Civic/dc2Nice wheel / Lug nuts set uplugsBeautiful Yellow jazz which has been featured on Slam Media a little while ago !JAzzRoss's FD2..fd2James's Stunning UK DC2dc2Really nice EK, love the blue, now its rocking one of our Osaka Banners...EK advert for coiloversSimon's Jordan which has recently had a full respray, Stunning!JOrdanTidy Dutch EGEGdutchGood friend of 6TWO1 Andrew Boyle's EK9. Absolutely flawless.EKEKSam Anderton's EP3..EP3S2000...S2000Stunning Milano Red EM1 on BBS wheels..EM1Ben Brazier's Mugen themed JDM DC2...JDMTrack ready EP3..EP3Kieron's JDM DC2..DC2One of my brothers (Simon Bucknell) Mugen DC5DC5Clean White S2000 on Polished BBS LMBBS s2000Nice fitment on this EG..EGStuke stand ! we will be selling these products very soonSTUKEThis Race Base EK9, which broke my friend Harv's heart as he wanted to buy it. He even took money for a deposit but it seems the sale isnt going ahead. Which is a real shame as this would have been a nice addition to the 6TWO1 Family!EK9 Another shot of our stand, very proud of how busy it was all day, your support is amazing!!StandZak's Jordan...ZakLouisa's CRZ!CRZIncredible EG9. One of my favourite cars at the event. Glad I finally got to see it in the flesh..EG9Closing out the coverage with Dan's DC2. Without him I wouldnt have a blog to post about the show. So I hope you've enjoyed Dan's pictures and my occasional typing.Adam.DC2you can find more images here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/aji621/sets/72157644050792450 advert for coilovers