Motul Civic

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Finally I am finding the time to edit a few of the pictures from holland that didn't make it into the origional posts.


This little car got to me, I friggin loved it. Maybe it was from my Gran Turismo day's, maybe it's just because it looked so awesome & the guy that owned it drove it HARD round the track. I'm not to sure. But it is most certainly #WINNING. Well it was till it had a little bump on the track but it was only cosmetic & thats what track cars are all about anyway ;) !

3g rear

I dont have the spec on it, So I cant talk to in depth to which I apologies, but a few of these will be like that as there were so many cars to take photo's of and not enough hours in the day!

front side

Thank's once again for checking back! Japfest post should be up next :)


*All High res images are on my flickr located in the side bar :)

Thanks for looking!