Mugen Civic Em1

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Darren Fawcett is the proud owner of this Honda Civic Em1 fully equiped with mugen throughout! 

I've known Darren online for a long time, so it was great to finally meet the man behind all of the mugen parts. This guy doesn't seem to just collect Mugen, but he lives and breathes it! Some of the parts in his collection, i can only imagine what people would be willing to pay ! 

His Civic is lowered on coilovers & you see it sat on the Mugen MF8 wheels finished in Bronze, originally Silver, the bronze is a recent addition...

The front bumper is a prodominant feature on the car, you cant miss it! Its really in your face, he had to drive all the way to Scotland for that peice of the puzzle, with no front bumper! Fitted it then drove it back to ireland! 

He also has the Bronze SIR Headlights fitted...

The genuine Mugen valve cover is a peice to behold too, with so many replica's out there its impressive to see a real one...

Mugen power air induction kit aslo lies under the shift sports bonnet...

these are the last of the pictures, but we do have a full video feature of this car coming in the next few days on our youtube channel - so make sure you're tuning in and subscribed for when that drops! 


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05/08/2016, 11:35:38 AM

Thanks adam. It was a pleasure. Love the pictures

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