My DC5

Post by adminsdd 31/03/2011 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,My Car Build,
I realised, nearly all my picture's I have of my own car are from my iPhone.Recently I've fitted the Rega's, lowered it some more & got it back from the body shop about a month ago making it look a lot more factory fresh (Even though its not perfect, im happy for now...ish).RearI'm not going to lie, I really used to miss my Civic, but now I understand it is just a thing of the past. Now I have gotten over the major things that needed. The annoying yet necessary things, Clutch, brakes, pads, tyres, bodywork - All costing me an absolute fortune to get replaced/redone. I can finally get round to the interesting stuff :). Even though its slow progress, especially waiting for parts from Japan & slow ass suppliers, its my car that I am spending my hard earned money on putting my own time into making this into what it is, not just fobbing it off on to someone else & getting them to do it all. I love it, even if you don't think its anything special, I really couldn't give a shit.sideThe pictures from this evening, only a quick few as I really should be packing !! Going to snowbombing in less than 2 days & not packed yet, not really sorted anything out haha. But anyway, hope you like the pictures.Front.side rear